Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Love is subjective. Love that is eternity is our love towards The Al-mighty. I did not know that my the other half is someone I've met in school, 13 years back.Hahaha...Everyone will go through several heartbroken before meet a soul mate. Soul mate , someone who is Allah already written it for you. As for me, on 22nd June 2013, it was a memorable moment in my life not just my birthday but I became a fiancĂ© to Hafifi Hafidz. We known each other when we are in school time and we lost contact since he changed school ( I didn't know that until we met again on Feb 2012 ,if not mistaken ) . It was a long story to talk about but all I can say that I was really grateful that Allah meet me with a man that I have a confident with he is the one who can be a good husband to me until Jannah. Insyaallah.
And I also grateful that I have a great family . No words can describe my love towards them. My engagement is on 22nd June 2013, how time flies . It's already 10 months I become someone fiance. Insyaallah our wedding as plan will be on 25th October 2014. It will be on Awal Muharram as well. So, 5 months more to go. Pray for us. Insyaallah , Allah will ease the way. Amin. Let's throwback some pictures on my memorable day. My birthday a.k.a engagement day. 



 Thanks to all my families for the help and my friends for coming.


Photo Credit : Fotoenak
My outfit : Fiziwoo
Hafidz outfit : Salikin sidek
Makeup : Amalina Hanisah, Ammara Boutique
Canopy : Sani Canopy
Dais : Nawfal


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