Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I do love camera but when in front of the camera I can be a bit shy and need a time to pose ,I mean to pose in front of a real camera...hihihi...I really love and hope that one day I can have my own Photo shoot ( other than wedding Photoshoot :p ) . All the portraiture pictures in this post was taken randomly by Pengemysjalanan . It was taken on the same day we celebrated Shaz's bridal shower. And I really love all the pictures . Really thankful to Pengemysjalanan for capturing my potraiture . Forgive my bare face because I'm not a makeup person. Hehehe....*all the pictures is not been edited * 

And it's a wrap...  :D 

Photo credit : Sakri aka Pengemysjalanan 
Top : Nichi
Skirt : Poplook
Shawl : Purdy Petals


  1. Salam,
    Cantik baju, gambar-gambar pun cantik sangat

  2. Ahhh semua gambar cantik :)

    Senang dan puas haa tengok gambar guna pc. hihi. Chika pun dah aktif blog balik. Tak lah aktif, baru je post satu entry selepas 6 bulan. Hii

    1. aah , nadia pun baru baca blog chika...jom kita active kan blog balik =)


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