Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shaz's bridal shower

The bridal shower for Shazlin was planned 19 days before her big day ( 5/4/2014) . Despite of the haze problem. We keep on praying on the day of bridal shower the haze will be ok. But,the haze become worst from the day before and plus it was raining. Me and Dee, felt down and thought of plan B . What our plan was, changed the venue. From Taman Bukit Jalil to the Taman Tasik Perdana. But, it is just the same. Raining everywhere. And we decided that we still need to proceed with our plan. Alhamdulillah , after we setup the place and start the event,the rain start to stop . And what we are planned was run smoothly. And , the best thing is our friend , Sakri aka Pengemysjalanann ( if any of you follow or known him from Instagram) , he is a nice and talented photographer. I do love pictures and I asked his favour to be our photographer for Shaz's bridal shower and we love all the pictures . Alhmdulillah everything goes well. And most importantly it full of laughter. 


It end well. 


Photo credit : Pengemysjalanann 


  1. Sis aktif dkat blog plak eh skrang ?

    1. Slow2 nak aktif sbb blog bleh upload byk gmbr but still active dayre too ­čśś


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