Saturday, April 26, 2014

White Peach Lilac in the garden

Today, when to my former schoolmate wedding , Izzah . I have choose to wear the combination of lilac and white. The mix and match of my outfit is an idea from my sister. :D . It's simple and yet still keep the traditional look of the batik. Coincidently , Izzah's wedding dress also in lilac and she is really gorgeous. 

Back from the wedding . My sister helping me by snap some pictures of my theme today in the garden. Love it!! Thank you sister.

My sister be my partner for the wedding today. She is wearing peach top match with batik skirt as well. Plus, my sister really a fan of batik. 

Photo credit : Us
Top ( me ) : korean shop
Top ( sister ) : Kenanga wholesale
Both skirt : custom made
Both shawl : Purdypetals
Shoe ( me ) : Daniel Hetcher
Shoe ( sister ) : Tiamo
Both handbag : Mama's vintage handbags


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