Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garden wedding + ala-ala kampung

It's weekend and wedding is everywhere. Malaysian weekend routine right? Hihihi...Today , me and my sister decide to followed our parents to our neighbour daughter's wedding. The wedding place is so beautiful . The place name is A-Park , Puchong. To find the place, just need to search using waze because the route is a bit complicated but waze totally help. :)

The A-park suitable for garden wedding theme. A-Park looks like a bungalow with a huge area / garden. I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of the dais . But , we able to snap a few pictures around the area. It's a bit hard to snap lot of pictures due to the weather. When we came, it's raining heavily. 

The lake house once we enter the area. Beautiful , right? :D

View of the english cottage . Beautiful!!! Love it .!!!!

Dar-Salam , is a mosque at A-park. 

The deco inside one of a small terrace. 

All around this A-Park area, so beautiful. So, we snap some pictures. Enjoy!!! 

It's my sister turn. Hihihi...

We don't have a picture together. So, I've done a bit editing and the picture looks like below...Hihihi....we both love this picture.!!! <3 

Before we attend the wedding. We stop by at my daddy's office because my dad is working today. And , I'm force my sister to do an #ootd walk , hahaha....

My sister is wearing  : custom made kain batik , kolampiii plain kimono , purdy petals shawl , and heels from Pedro.

I'm wearing : Custom made kain batik , embroidery kebaya , kolampiii plain shawl , mama vintage handbag and heels by Rockport. 

It was a great Saturday with lots of nice picture and nice place.

For more info, about the A-Park who ever still searching a place for your dream wedding , can log in to : . Or you can google by typing a-park puchong and you will found their facebook account. 

Hope , this info might help you , friends. 

Till , I post again next time. Have a nice weekend peeps.



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