Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sunshine can be directly means sun . But , sunshine for me is related with people / environment , situation , event that make me feel happy and fun . People around me is a sunshine to me. :D 

8th June 2014 is a memorable day for Pian and Syura. It was their wedding. I do love wedding . Wedding is a place we can reunite with our long lost friend. It was really happy we are able to attend Pian's wedding . We could meet with our officemate who already move to our new company building . The building name Wisma  Scope International . Scope International is a hub for Standard Chartered bank. We are kind of miss them who move to WSI . Most of the night shift staff move to WSI . We feel separated with them as one team because most of them is the noisy , fun and havoc friends. :D ...Pian's wedding is a great wedding we could met each other. Yeay!!!

  Love this picture because it's showed we as a great friends and team. :) ... Congratulation to Pian and Syura for their wedding . 

After we off from Pian's wedding , we decided to survey a venue for me do a pre-wedding photoshoot. The places name are Sekeping Tenggiri and Sekeping Terasek. Both venue is around Bangsar area. It is quite complicated to find both place but with the help from waze , we find it. But, a bit disappointed because we cannot look around if we didn't booking a room. But , it's ok. We will do an event there for sure . Whoever wanted to know more details about the venue , can go to www.sekeping.com. 
Actually this sekeping have more branches. Take a look at their website to know more details . Some of their branches can cater wedding too . :) 

From bangsar we headed to One City Mall because we wanted to tried an unique cafe . This cafe been discovered by Hanis after she saw the place from her friend IG . The cafe call Charlie Chaplin. How cute the cafe inspired from . :) 

We just having a tea time . And we love the uniqueness of the cafe deco and it's cozy style. Enjoy the picture of the cafe.
And I really love the tagline of the cafe : "  we serve with a smile " . The tagline can be related to the sunshine isn't it ? When you are smiling , us as their customer is a sunshine for them . :) 

After tea time , we decided to have an early dinner . We search for a restaurant and found BBQ restaurant . It's a korean restaurant . And what makes me attracted to it because the tag " we use 100% olive oil " . So, it must be healthy . And we give it a tried . 

 All the foods that we ordered is delicious. * thumbs up *

Then we take a small tour at the mall until Hanis realized that we can go up to the rooftop. Once we arrived at the rooftop. I've become speechless. The scenery , the sun was just to beautiful. It is a sunshine!! We get to watch sunset. Love it too much. Let's the pictures do the talking shall we? Hihihi...enjoy it friends. 

Love this picture!! Looks like we are on vacation ..hehehe :p 

Here is the last beautiful sunset ...Masyallah , I've melt to this beautiful of Allah skies. If I could post a video of it . I will post it ok friends :) 

Enjoy this :)

Before we headed back home, as usual . I love to do a walking ootd ...hihihi. And my partner is Siqah...yeay!!!

It was a great sunshine sunday. With all the laughter and beautiful place , beautiful scenery. 

Hope you enjoy dropping by my small space. 


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