Saturday, July 12, 2014

Orked & Kebaya

On 5th July 2014 , we #gengmakan a.k.a my officemates planned a bridal shower for Siqah because she will getting married soon in August exactly after raya. We had planned and choose a place for her bridal shower around 1 month before. Hihihi...At first, we wanted to do her bridal shower in June but the venue we choose already fully booked and Alhamdulillah on 5th July it came true. The venue take place at Sekeping Tenggiri,Bangsar. Remember ,on my last post I did mentioned about these sekeping venue that I've surveyed. Actually, the surveyed I've made was for Siqah bridal shower. I've wrote I surveyed for my pre-wedding photoshoot because I am afraid Siqah will read my blog and she will know our plan for her. Hihihi...her bridal shower was in fasting month, so we decided to choose a theme that make us wearing a proper attire by respecting the Month of Ramadhan. And, the theme was an idea from Hanis . She told us why not we do a theme look like a saloma/oldies theme. The theme called : Orked & Kebaya . All of us wearing baju kurung cotton and we prepared a kebaya  for Siqah. We made a surprised for her. She did not know where we will brought her. We asked Yun, fetch Siqah at our office because she was working that day. And of course , blindfold her all the way to Sekeping Tenggiri. Hihihi...

Before, Siqah arrived , we done deco a bit for both rooms.  And snap some picture around the venue. This venue is more towards nature. :) 

And here I represent kebaya Siqah will be wearing . 

We will having a photoshoot part to captured the moment while waiting to break fast. And , Siqah will be make over by Yun as MUA on that day. To fit the theme of Saloma/oldies , all of us need to wear a red lipsticks. I never wear red lipsticks because I'm feel it not suit with me. But, just for Siqah bridal shower and I'm do it. Hihihi...

And , walla !!! Isn't she beauitiful? Gorgeous Siqah. Love it!! The magic touch of Yun. 

While, Yun make over Siqah, us busy make over ourself by wearing red lipsticks and thanks to Hanis and Mira helping me with the lipsticks :) 

And some candid photo before started the photoshoot. 

And now the photoshoot started before 3 hours to break fast. Thanks to Yun's hubby as our OP that day. Thumbs up.

Behind the scene, kikiki...

 The above picture is my favourite. 

I wish I could upload more pictures but it will be a long post. Here , continue with Siqah potraiture. 

Before we get ready the table to break fast, we take a rest . And of course, selfus...hahaha

Now, time to break fast..Alhamdulillah.
The food, so tempting.

 Yummy victoria sandwich made by mira.

Alhamdulillah, the celebration went well. And , us really love all the pictures. Here, I end my post . I will continue about my portraiture conjuction with Orked & Kebaya in my next post. Stay tune. 

Thanks to all my #gengmakan as we succeed made a surprise for Siqah. And , Siqah glad you love it,yank!!! We love you. Wish you have a great wedding plan ahead and May Allah ease your marriage till Jannah. Amin. 


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