Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Berry in the diamond

Hi. It's been a long time I didn't do an ootd inside my home sweet home ( rumah parents ku , kikiki ) , it is because our house just done renovated. And , it was just a perfect timing for me dress up a little bit for iftar with my cousins. I am not a dress up person . More comfortable with simple outfit. But today , I 've did a little bit dress up. I am wearing berry top from Parca ( their shop is in Plaza Masalam level one ) , diamond pants from Nichi and my very own hand sewn shawl. My shoes I've bought 3 years ago from Clark . 

Lately , I've been trying new style I'm wearing shawl by not using any brooch but just using a needle pin ( jarum peniti ) to secure my shawl. And , I do love it because it much more less time and easy. Insyaallah, if I get an opportunity,  I really love to share how I wear my shawl exactly like in the pictures. :) 

Alhamdulillah. Our iftar went well. We choose Sushi Zanmai as our venue since all of us is really craving for sushi. Hihihi...

Ramadhan is nearly end . Let's we cherish this Barakah month while we still have chance giving by Allah. Hopefully our Ramadhan this year is much better than last year. Amin.

Till we meet again in my next post.


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