Monday, December 22, 2014

Miera's Hens Day

It's been ages, I did not update my blog . It's due to limitation of sources to update it. No laptop , no time because I'm busy for my wedding , etc. Now , I already have a new laptop but still not use to it. Yeah , not familiar to change from windows to macintosh . Zip out about bla bla bla why I'm not updating . hihihi...

So, let's make it simple comeback. I don't want to blabbing a lot, hihihi.... If all of you read  my previous post. I've posted about Siqah Hussin bridal shower. Yeah , I know it is really been ages. The post was last past past month, I think... hihihi...Nurul Siqah are married on August 2014 . And , Azamirah ( nama manja Miera , hihihi ) is getting married 1 month after Siqah which is on September 2014. Yes , 2014 is a wedding year for us. And , on October will be my wedding . ( will blog about it later , hihihi ). 

For Miera's Hen Day , we planned a nice floral theme yet simple . We have chose a venue for Miera's Hen Day at Flora Terrace , Hampshire Place. How we find this place ? My brother's friend just made his wedding day at Flora Terrace and I've proposed to them the place. It's a perfect place because the place already decorated with all the flower . Simple , yet so beautiful. So , enjoy the pictures from Miera's Hen Day . =D

Miera's Hen Day , did not end yet . We went to Acme Bar to tried the cafe , because there a lot of review about that cafe. Outside of the cafe there a nice garden to just a quik photoshoot to end everything well. =D

So, the last picture tells " ok it's a wrap for Miera's Hen Day " .
We wish and pray to Azamirah & Wan , Insyaallah your marriage will be everlasting till Jannah . Amin. We all love you , Miera.

Love ,

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