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NIA bridal Shower

It's already 2015 , plus already February 2015 . hihihihi...Seems I'm too busy to update my blog since my last entry about Miera's hens day . It's been 4 months I'm become a wife ( still getting use to it , hahaha ) . Just only now I want to share about my bridal shower which been held last October 2014 . Lama dah kan ? hihihi.

Here the story . Siqah been married in September, and her bridal shower took place end of August ( my entry about Orked & Kebaya ) . Then , next was Miera's wedding and her bridal shower took place early September ( my entry about Miera's Hens Day ) . Both event was been planned by me and my #gengmakan . 

As for my bridal shower , all the #gengmakan planning something for me . As if , I don't know they are planning for my bridal shower but I'm seriously can't figure out where the venue will took place .

I'm always dreaming to go to Majestic Hotel The Orchid Conservatory . I knew about the place while I'm searching venue for Miera's bridal shower with Hanis . I'm totally love orchid ( other than roses , peony and  hydrangeas =D ).

For two weeks , they keep teased me what I should wear and so on .They said they wanted me to wear a sexy bikini . Lol . Like obviously they won't do it but who knows , my #gengmakan absolutely  a bunch of fun yet crazy girlfriends ever. Love them . 

I'm keep counting the day of my bridal shower . And , they asked me to wear a pastel peachy tone dress . So , I've chose a skirt from the The poplook and top from Nichii..    

Yun , came to my house make me beautiful . She is my MUA for my bridal shower . hihihi...( can follow her at her instagram @sassy_yun ) . She just started her makeup passion and we as her friend keep on supporting her . 

After I'm done get ready . Yun , and her husband blindfold me , so that I can't figure out where the venue will be . Once arrived , they asked me to get off from the car . And I 'm still in a blindfold situation.  All I can hear was a sound of cars or lorry . A sound of bird chirping , somewhere like I was in the forest but the air very breathtaking . I'm totally can't figure out where it is until , they took a few of  photos me standing there and then they take me inside the place and I dancing freely like I have no idea that a lot of people was in there . 

All I know was only my #gengmakan was there . So I dance . hahaha...then , once they open the blindfold all I can said was " OMG!!! lawanya tempat  ( in english : OMG!!! what a beautiful place !!! ) . And of course I smile widely , happily . 

My bridal shower was held at Carcosa Seri Negara ( tempat majlis merisik Che Ta , OMG !!) . I just can't believe it that my #gengmakan planned it for me at such a beautiful place . 

The concept was tea time . The food totally yummy . 
I even feel full because I'm too surprised and too love the venue . 

We had a great time together . Updating me with my wedding matters . Asking me am I ready to be a wife ? hahaha... obviously ,  my answered was " Maybe , or Maybe not , hahaha " . But , I guess everyone who are getting married will feel the same . It's a feeling nervous plus happpiness.

My beautiful flower crown made by Hanis ( can follow her instagram @hanisishak01 ).
After we having a simple conversation and updating what need to be update , it's photoshoot time  . OP for my bridal shower was Faizal Amin , Yun's hubby . ( husband and wife have a hidden talent. ) 

We just lucky enough able to photoshoot every single area at Carcosa Seri Negara . Even , a favourite room of our Former Prime Minister we able to photoshoot in it . What a blissful day . 

This is our former Prime Minister favourite room. Big and seriously beautiful . Love it !!!

Everyone eager to go outside to see the view . The view totally magnificent but that day , it was totally haze badly and the view of Kl tower can't be seen from Carcosa . =(

Even the picture a bit shaky but I totally love this picture . The theme of my bridal shower was inspired by Chanel ( color theme pink , white and black ) . How sweet are they . =p

After we exploring upstairs . It's time to exploring downstairs and outside =)

Anything that green feel calming . And guess what , the weather was raining and all of us really love the outdoor view in Carcosa so we don't care with the rain and still shoot some pictures . hihihi...

 At the backyard garden .

The full view of the Carcosa Seri Negara . Beautiful isn't it ? 

This last picture , showed it's a wrap for #niabridalshower. I'm really thankful to all #gengmakan , kak sha , kak ctah , kak nurul , Mai , Maza , Kak ain and of course to our OP
 ( Yun's hubby , FA ).

Actually lots of pictures I wanna shared but , it will be too long post . So, you can just click into instagram search for #niabridalshower . There, you can see more pictures.

I'm really didn't know the rate and how to book this place , because everything is a surprise , so you can just go to seri carcosa negara official website for more info : 

It was a memorable day for me . Totally touch by all the time they spent for me and the hardship they planned something beautiful for me . Muaxx Muaxx . Love all of you to the moon and back . =D

Love ,

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