Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bye Bye Azamirah ~ =;(

For last 5 years , I've known a girl and now already a wife name Azamirah. She was same age as my sister . So , yeah I treat her as my sister even though we are more like same age when we talked . I guess she much more matured than me ...kikiki.

For 5 years , we work together as a team mate . The best mate I ever met . We gossip , we shop , we plan , search for a cafe with our #gengmakan all together . And .... hehehehe she getting married 1 month earlier than me . And she was my bridemaids . See . Everything just unplanned and it's happened. But , really grateful to know her . And , always keep praying our friendship last till Jannah. 

Early , January she got a better offer . And she left me ( as my team mate as sister still remain inshallah ) and our team ITT . We feel sad but at the same time feel glad she found her exit door after cherished 5 years in this Scope maze . 

So , we planned a farewell party for her . One with our whole ITT team members and the other one a simple private farewell party just with us the #gengmakan. hihihi...

We ordered a package consist of : A whole cake , cream puff , karipap , mee hoon goreng and ayam masak merah. The foods so yummy .

The whole team picture with Azamirah .This is our pantry . 

Andddd~ as usual a must selfie picture with the #gengmakan. 

A happiest face of Azamirah I ever seen . Hahaha ...

Usually , I will made a card for any birthday , farewell etc that been organised  in my ITT team . So , here walla , my simple handmade card  been accompanied by Boyce Avenue cover video . =p

After work , we chose a cafe to celebrate Azamirah's simple private party with #gengmakan. And , we found a cafe name : Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly . 
Can follow their instagram : @coffeegoodgollymissmolly

It was such a small , simple yet cozy cafe . We love it . I will blog about the cafe soon , in my next entry . 

Love ,

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