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Currently , I'm totally love and obsessed with this one Korean Drama titled : Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Moon Lovers .

I love and obsessed toward it's OST too !!! Hihi...

 Everytime the drama end for each episode every week. I feel like dying because have to wait for the following episode . Even this drama receive a quite low rating in Korea . But outside Korea , this drama catch the audiences heart . Including Me !!! Haha.

The chemistry between IU and Lee Joon Gi in the drama makes the drama lively and lovely . <3

This drama already started airing from 29th August 2016 until 31st October 2016 .

It consists of 20 episode if I'm not mistaken . 
Currently , it's already 18 episode airing. It's nearly come to end . *sob sob*

Main actor starring Lee Joon Gi as Wang So , the 4th Prince . 

Main actress starring Lee Ji Eun aka IU as Hae Soo / Go Ha Jin .

Second main actor starring Kang Ha Neul as Wang Wook , the 8th Prince .

Other co-stars as Prince are Hong Jong Hyun , Yoon Sun Woo , Baek Hyun EXO , Nam Yoo Hyuk , Ji Soo , Kim San Ho


I've never watched any drama starring IU . But , as for Lee Joon Gi I've watched him in My Girl drama starring Lee Dong Wook as the main actor .

This drama airing on SBS every Monday and Tuesday , 10pm . It is also airing on Astro One HD every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm live same as in Korea.

This drama is an adaptation from a Chinese version drama and novel : Bu Bu Jing Xin . The drama also based on Korea history , the Goryeo Dynasty .

During the eclipse of the sun , Ko Ha Jin ( IU ) drown and transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty .

She wakes up in the body of Hae Soo , who is the cousin of Lady Hae ( Wang Wook , 8th Prince wife ) .

She encounters the royals princes of the ruling family.

There , Hae Soo meet Wang Soo the 4th prince who is fearsome and always hide his face behind the masks . He also known as "wolf dog" .

Hae Soo is kind , love to help others and bubbly girl. She be friend with all of the Princes . 

Hae Soo fall in love with Wang Wook . 

Even everyone keep on pushing Wang Soo . Scared towards him . Hae Soo seems accept and not fear towards Wang Soo . Helping Wang Soo . Understand him. Makes Wang Soo fall in love with Hae Soo . 

Later on Hae Soo also fall in love with Wang Soo.

Meanwhile , between the love story . There are rivalry and politics ensue among the princes in a fight for the throne .


This drama full of emotions from sadness , lovely , romantic , sweetness , anger , fear , strong .

I love this drama because Wang Soo character . Even he is a fearsome Prince but there are hidden secret behind his mask . He makes everyone scared whenever  saw him . But , he is actually a kind , full of sadness , strong , romantic , love to sacrifice for others , full of anger , unpredictable. 
Plus , his voice is sexy !!!! Hahaha.

I love the chemistry between Wang Soo and Hae Soo. They make their relationship so sweet , strong and lovely . 

But , now it's nearly end . There are lots of conflicts going on in the palace . More conflicts coming between Hae Soo and Wang So . =(



This drama makes me search about the original Chinese Novel/Drama . I even search and read about Korea history just to know the ending . And makes several prediction or assumptions between Wang Soo and Hae Soo relationship . Hahaha. Obses tak aku? =p

Obviously , Hae Soo is not originality came from Goryeo time . So , she will died and back to her time if based on the Chinese version. Maybe , Korea version might be different . But, they can't change the Goryeo history. So , maybe Hae Soo will died too . She can't be together with Wang Soo. Noooooo~ ='( 
*sob sob*


Based on Korea history . Wang Mu , Wang Yo and Wang Soo did become the next King after their father died ( King Taejo ) .

What happened after the King Taejo died ? 

Is it Wang Soo the one who really killed his own brothers just to get the throne like Hae Soo feels?

What will happened between Wang Soo and Hae Soo?

Why Hae Soo hate Wang Wook ? 

How Wang Soo and Hae Soo fall in love ? 

Every answers are in the drama . Hihi.

Now , the climax storyline and sweetness is airing in episode 17 and 18 . There are 2 more episodes to go. 

Hoping a happy ending . <3 hihi...







Can't waitttttt~ 

You have to watch this drama . Ok .

Again , I've said . I love this drama and the OST too!!!! Hihihi <3

Scarlet Heart Ryeo : OST

Below are some of the OST list for this Drama .

" For You " - EXO Baek Hyun , XiuMin and Chen 
( My Fav

" Say Yes " - Loco , Punch

" I Love You , I Remember You " - I.O.I ( My Fav )

" Forgetting You " - Davichi ( My Fav

" All With You " - Taeyeon SNSD

" Can You Hear My Heart " - Epik High feat Lee Hi

" A Lot Like Love " - Baek A-Yeon 

" Confess " - SG Wannabe 

" Will Be Back " - Sun Hae Im

" My Love " - Lee Hi ( My Fav

" Wind " - Jung Seung Hwan 

" Be With You " - AkDong Musician 

"Goodbye" - Im Do Hyuk

Happy watching , all .



  1. belum tengok lagi, tapi OST dia kita dah dengar dahhh :D sedapppppp :D

    1. kan OST nya . =)

      hanis try lah tengok . Mesti rasa best . hihihi

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    1. aah lebih kurang lah ..
      tapi nie more too prince nak jadi king .

      anddd all the Prince mostly handsome . hahaha

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    1. JM suka lee Joon gi ek . Nadia suka character dia dlm drama nie but not part bila dia jadi jahat dah but he is still sayang hae soo tue seriously awwww sukanya diaaa hahaha


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