Thursday, October 6, 2016

Petronita Orchid Run and Ride 2016

On 25th of September 2016 , I've participated in Petronita Orchid Run and Ride 2016 Marathon organized by Petronas . This marathon was my third run this year . 

I'm the one who convinced my geng makan girls and my sister to join this run because of the strap medal design colors is beautiful . And, all runners will get an Orchid once we finish the run . I love flowers much . So, that Orchid makes me eager to join . Hahaha.

This run consists of 5km and 12km categories . So , yeah . We registered for 12km category .
Budget runners sangat kan kitaorang. Hahaha.

Our marathon story goes like this . The day before race , we discussed to meet at LRT Asia Jaya at 6am .

Why 6am ?

It is because all 12km runners will be starting run at 7am . Plus , LRT speed always a little bit slow early in the morning . 

On the race day . Me , Siqah and Syira have morning weekend blues . You know .
It's Sunday but we need to get up early . Hahaha.

But, ourselves had registered for the run and the fees are quite expensive . So, by hook or by crook we need to get up and run .

Guess what ? We arrived at LRT at 6:40am . Siqah is the one who arrived earlier than us .
Kesian Siqah kena tunggu lama.

Obviously, the LRT driver also has his morning weekend blues . The driver takes his sweet time driving the train . We arrived at KLCC 7:30am !!!! Yes ... 7:30AM !!!

We are really late for flag off  !!!

Luckily , we did a small stretch up in LRT .

We started running with 5km runners . Terbaik kan!!!! Hahaha...

Just in a few minutes, we started our running . I lost Siqah and Syira . My sister still runs next to me . Suddenly , she said , " Kak , can you accompanied me to the ladies ? ".

We made a detour to Pavilion to go to the ladies . Selamba . When we out from ladies both of us quite lost from the running route . Hahaha.

We asking the committee around there where is the 12km route . They showed us the route . Suddenly , we been approached by a bicycle man asking , " Are you both fine ? Are you 12km runners? " .

And he looks at his watch . We just answered , " Yes , we run for12km . We stop at the ladies just now and we just started running at 7:30 am ". He just , " Ok . But , do you know that 12km runners should be starting run at 7AM ? ".

Both of us just smile . =p

After we met that bicycle man .  We bumped with Siqah . My sister continues her run . While me walk with Siqah .

Then , we're been approached by two police men . They asked us , " Are there anyone more at the back ? " . We just answered , " We don't know " . Then they talk with their walkie talkie , " Ok , we are escorting two runners . " 

In any running event . If you are been escorting with a sweeper means you are the last runner . Hahaha.

Me and Siqah just look at each other face and smile . And, we asked them , " Are we the last runners? " . The policemen said , " Yes " .

Both of us just smile . Hahaha.

After that, we spotted a bunch of run committees . I 've told Siqah I wanted to run . Siqah just , ok just go.

Along the way to the finishing line . I can see few runners. So , I thought they might be late for flag off just like us or not . =P

When you entered a marathon but u barely see the other runners along the way . Seriously , you will feel totally de-motivated . Even though you know that your bib is recording your running time .
But , other people who are watching thought that you are the last runners . =(

Even I feel a bit de-motivated but seeing the committee at every checkpoint who keep on cheering me up. I feel motivated and keep on going until the end .

After 2:06:02 hours running . Alhamdulillah . I'll finish my run . 


After the run , I feel my feet really numb . My toe sore . I barely to walk but I need to stretch up before I've cramped.

When I see my running time , I feel this was my worst run ever !!!!

Really worst !!! =(


1) Don't be late for flagoff .

2) Be prepared before run.

3) Be punctual .

4) Just go for it . End your fight until the end even you feel de-motivated along the way .

5) Don't easily quit no matter what unless you feel really sick .

6) Be positive .

Even , this was our worst run ever . But , we did finish our run , have fun and received the Orchid !!! Woohoo~

Now , it's picture time . =D

Performance by Noh Hujan in a raining weather . Hihihi. ( sorry gambar tak terang )


We also received lots of vouchers and goodies such as small travel bag and an umbrella .

I hope my story can be a reminder to all runners.



Oh , one more thing . If you are interested participating in any marathon through out a year in Malaysia.

You can visit :

Love ,


  1. Kira ok la tuuu dpt habeskan jugak :) but yes, tang punctual tu mmg kne gilap lg la hihi ;) btw, congrates geng makan :) korang mmg hebat !

    1. Kannn~ lepas nie tak leh late for flag off lagi .
      And tq Mek . =)

  2. baru baca kat blog Siqah pasal ni. hehe kadang2, bila orang lain potong dan kita end up di kelompok belakang pun.. dah boleh demotivated dah :D dah lama tak running, tetiba rasa nak gi running petang ni.

    1. Hihihi ... kebetulan kitaorng update time yang sama . Betul2. Mmg tersangat lah demotivated . First time feel mcm tue . Lesson learnt mmg tak leh late for flag off .

      Running dkt overseas best !!!! Sejuk cuaca . =)

  3. Dapat orkid.. ♥ Hihihi Sayangnya tak join. Reen kalau larian, memang kena tinggal. Cepat semput.. ;p

    1. Hihihi ... sebab dapat orkid lah teruja nak masuk . Nadia kadang masuk marathon nie for fun je . Tapi concern jugak tentang time larian . Hihihi .

  4. Fuh! Lap peluh! Sis JM mampu berjalan jek

    1. hihihi ... sebab jalan lah nie timing 2 jam hahhaha


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