Sunday, July 3, 2016

Thank You Note

Hello Everyone ,

This morning ,  after my Suhoor and Fajr prayer . I'm able to change my blog face . Alhamdulillah . =)

Then , I saw my dearest friends ( followers ) tab , google+ friends tab  and the number of viewers and readers tab  . I feel totally bless . Even , I am still new in this blogosphere . When I see my blog friends , viewers and readers increase day by day . I'm totally thankful to my late father and all of you . Without your support , might be I will stop blogging . 

Here the story how I've started blogging . I've started blogging way back in 2014 ( I guess ) because my late father always convincing me to write that can reminisce the moments . He also always convincing me to do a travelogue and share . 

Actually , the convincing part took place before I've started blogging . That time , I don't really have a confidence in writing and share  . I always have this kind of thought ; " What if people don't like my writing ? " . " Is there anyone will read my writing ? " . " Will I have my own blog friends , followers , reader's and viewers ?  " Will they hate my writing ? " . Will my writing inspired people ? " . I totally don't have any confidence that time .

In 2014 , I don't know why I've made a decision to start blogging . Maybe , my dad is right . 
Writing can record every detail of moment plus picture . I love pictures a lot . Like a lot because I love to take pictures too . But , a picture is worth a thousand words . A picture can be interpreted in any meanings . So, if a picture being combined with the word details , it will become a story or one beautiful moment . That's the reason why I started blogging .

When I've started to have some blogger friends . I learn a lot from all of you . Directly and indirectly. From there, I just know about this blogger community called as Nuffnang . And , I just know that blogging can be part of side income and meet new friends all over the world, learn something new , share information and knowledge , share experience and lot more . 

It's quite interesting .This Nuffnang thing makes me want to do more in writing and receives a  lot of support from all of you , as my friends from all over the world .

Here , once again. I want to thank my late father for convincing me in writing . And , of course, all of you who be my friends, followers , reader's and viewers . Let's we support each other and moving forward together . Success together in blogging . 

Please do teach me how to move forward in blogging . If you have any advises for me to move forward in this blogosphere . Please please do tell me , share with me or email me .

Last but not least , please receive my love ( as a friend ) and spread the love to all . Please be my followers , viewer's , readers and of course be my friends always . Let's spread love to all of your friends to join me ( follow ) in this blogosphere .

I am really thankful to see all of you in this space . A big thank you from my bottom heart .



  1. alhamdulillahhh. insyaAllah, same2 kita belajar ye :)

    1. Jom sama-sama belajar ... Insyaallah kita boleh . =)


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