10 Steps to be a Happier Person

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hello ~

Let's make this entry short , shall we ? Hiks~ 

Here I would like to share with you , 10 Steps to be a Happier Person :

1) Smile More , Less Complaints
True. We as a human being always keep on complaining in whatever situation . Rarely , we never complaints at all . So, let's us try to change ourselves . In any situation that we face . let us put a smile more than complaining . =)

2) Connect with People and Friends
Our life surrounded with technology . Many ways we can connect with People and Friends around the globe . We can use online tools such as Facebook , Instagram , Youtube , Blogging , Snapchat , Smule , etc to connect with people .While some activities or events such as gathering , picnics , motivation talks , business , any interest clubs ( photography , travelogue , books , makeups , fashion etc ) also can connect us with people around the globe. You can choose between that two ways depending on your comfortability . =) #dontbeantisocialallthetime 

My Happy Friends

3) Spend More Time with Family
This point totally a crucial point . Yes . How busy we are ? How far we are? We should spend some time or more time with our family . It is because nothing is more precious than our own family . We should give our time for them before it's too late . 
My parents

4) Help others in Need
Do some charity/alms(sedekah) in our lives . From the charity events , we will be a grateful person . We will thankful to our Creator for giving us a great life compare to other people that more in need than us . 

5) Be More Optimistic about Life 
We should always think the best way of living . In whatever situation , be optimistic by seeing things in a positive ways . 

6) Plan a Trip /  Vacation , Go Travel
Doesn't matter it is a plan trip in Malaysia or Overseas . We should go for a trip or vacation just to take a break from any stressful situation. A trip/vacation can also open up our mind to explore. By travelling, we might know ourselves better . 
Pulau perhentian

7) Learn to Forgive
Avoid any hatred in our heart . Learn to forgive and forget . No one is perfect . We are same . We just a human being . So , let go any negativity from you.

8) Set New Goals and Achieve Them
The goal is an achievement for us . Set a goal to have a clearer path in our life . Then , go for it . Grab it . Achieve it .

9) Do Some Exercise or Physical Activity
Exercise is good for our health . Exercise also is kind of meditation . By exercising , our mind, body and soul connecting with each other better . So , let us live in a healthy lifestyle.

Mossy Forest 

10) Go Outdoor
I love to go outdoor . I love nature . I love forests. I love challenging activities . Outdoor doesn't mean you need to go solely for a hiking , mountain climbing , etc . But , if you do some jogging and walking around the parks . It's good enough . 
Mossy Forest

So my dearest ? Do you want to be a happier person ? If yes. Let us together follow this 10 steps . Insyaallah . This steps will help us be a better happy person day by day .

Happy trying , peeps .

Till then .

Love , 


  1. kak Nadiah thank you for sharing these delightful steps :) bab exercise ni ceri slow cikit... hehehe...thank for motivating me kak Nadiah =) btw cantik gambar-gambar akak :) untuk doodles kak Nadiah boleh contact ceri di http://cerikokoblog.blogspot.my/p/blog-page_29.html ,ceri akan buatkan doodles untuk kak Nadiah :)

    1. Welcome my dear , ceri ... Yeay!!! Boleh order doodles .. Ok2 nnt if kak nadia nak order doodles kak contact ceri ye =)

  2. Rindunya yank bila tengok gambar my happy friends ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    1. Kannnn~ sangat rindu nak organize event kita2 , photoshoot bagai =D

  3. agree with all points! :D boleh tambah jugak, do things we love and love things we do :)


    1. Hihihi ... Yes ur right , bila kita buat things we love and love things we do obviously kita akan be a happier person =)

  4. my happy no 11 is see your blog nadia...hehe blog u cantik dear.....:)..keep sharing good info dear nadia...your are brilliant blogger...salam ukhuwah...

    1. Awww~ u r so sweet dear Irda ... Insyaallah , nadia akan cuba share more good info... Tq singgah dan follow ... Salam ukhuwah too~ =)

  5. no 1 & 3 tu setuju sgt.. and lagi satu makan n shopping.. :D

    1. Kikiki... Aah lahh~ dua point tue pun boleh membuat kan kita happy , but i will go for shopping more than eat ... Hahahaha

  6. auuu sejuk hati bace entry nadia ni. insyaAllah dprmudahkan semua untuk urusan nii

    1. Tq Mek... Sama-sama lah kita cuba praktik kan ... Insyaallah . =)

  7. 11) Blogging and Blog Walking... he he he he


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