Monday, December 26, 2016


Do you like this song? An old song sang by Elton John . I love this song so much. Actually, this post totally not related with the song at all . Hihihi ... 

If you had visited my blog, you must have noticed that I'm not updating my blog quite a long time. I don't even open my own blog. I don't even blog walking. I don't even reply the comments that you leave on my page .

I am truly sorry to all of you. 😢 Truthfully , it's not my intention at all to do that . 

I totally feel sad. What I feel right now is I hate December 2016. I hate Bank Negara . It's been a tough month since 8th December . 

I lost my life balance . I miss my relaxing moment.  I totally miss my blog . I miss to blog walking . I miss to reply each of your comment. I miss to watch my favourite recent Korean drama every time I came back home from work. I also feel sorry for my husband but Alhamdulillah he is an understanding man.

Thank you to some of my blogger friends who helping me checking about my blog loading page. At the same time, I am sorry that I don't even have time to edit all of the pictures on my blog. 😭

If I told you that my recent working time is from 9am until 12 midnight everyday , maybe some of you think that it is normal ( because there are some people who work and don't sleep for 2 - 3 days or even some people who sleep at the office ) or maybe some of you think it was crazy .

For me, it's crazy man. You know when you work more than 10 hours, your body and mind will not in a proper condition. You will feel really hectic. You will feel restless. Your eating routine also not in a healthy lifestyle due to stress. When you stress you tend to eat sweet food more or not eating at all, etc. It is totally not good for your body. 

The worst part is you are the one who switched off the office light and airconds because the guard told you that his shift already end for today. Can you imagine how pathetic me and my team working life recently? 😭

Again, I am truly sorry if I don't have time to blog walking to your page, don't have time to reply your comments. 

Alhamdulillah, today I have some time to tell you all of this. Hopefully, all of you will understand my recent situation and please don't stop from visiting my page. I'll really feel thankful for that. 😍

I'm hoping this hard time is just a temporary. What I can do now is always be grateful that I still have work to support my family. Good luck for me and hoping that I'll stay strong. 

Thank you all for your support towards my blog and thank you for your understanding. 😍



  1. Nadiaaaa, huhu I can imagine how challenging my life will be when I start working soon. T___T

    Keep strong! Take care of your health as well :)

    1. Working life mmg challenging . Hmmmm.

      Tue lah mmg kena stay strong je sekarang nie and thank you dear for your support . =)

  2. Insyallah nadia. Nanti akan back to normal okay :) Be strong for you and your team. Nak tolong pun tak tahu nak tolong apa. Huhu

    1. Tue laaa. Hopefully cepat lahhh kitaorang dapat balik our normal life.

      nak mintak tlg orang tolong kitaorg pun segan sebab orang lain pun ada kerja masing2 dan banyak jugak .

      Tapi thanks to korang selalu supportive wish, tlg belikan makanan utk kitaorang pun dah kita bersyukur . Hihi

  3. I understand you bcs i feel the same right now, but for my situation, I don't know when my workload is over.

    1. Kannn tyra, penat kan . Tapi nak buat mcm mana kena be strong dan bersyukur kita ada rezeki ada kerja =)

  4. Hi dear,kalau baba long working hours ni irda memang tak boleh nak cooperate sangat,Alhamdulilah after i changing from operation to sales,i have more time and my time flexible,alhamdulilah.

    Pity u dear,yah i miss ur entry day by day,even i quiet busy too,nadia izzaty blog still in my listing nak usha.hehe..

    Good rest dear n happy working always !


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