Sunday, December 11, 2016

How To Manage Stress at Work

A photo that I took on my vacation in Yogjakarta 
Lately , I don't even have time to blog walking , even updating my blog and watch Korean drama marathon . It was really sad .  Last two days ( Thursday and Friday ) was a hectic day not only for me but for my team mate too . 

Since the new Bank Negara regulations have started , my team worked in a stressful situation . Come in at 9am and back at 10 - 11pm . How crazy it is right?  . Our life balances totally disaster !!! sob sob.

So , this topic  just pop up from my head relating to new Bank Negara regulations for all banking sector >>> ( click here if you want to know more about this ).

If you follow my blog , you will know that I'm working in a banking sector and I'm handling Malaysia payment  . So , this BNM regulations obviously impacted my team . ='( 

Truthfully , all of us really wanted to cry but all we can do is find a solution how to make our work flow become less stressful . How to manage our own stress . How to motivate ourself and our team mate . That's more important right now .

Here I've shared some tips that I usually do to manage my stress at work .

1) Take a Deep Breath
I tend to have a headache and hardly to breath whenever I'm in a stress situation . So, I will take a deep breath in order to let my blood circulation flow naturally . It really works for me . 

2) Make a Jokes or Talk About What You Like
I'm really grateful to have a great teammate . When ever , we are in a stressful time , we will make jokes with each other . Sometimes , we talk about what we love to do or likes such as drama , fashion, artist gossip , foods and lot more . It can make yourself de-stress and forget about that stressful matters for a moment.

3) Manage Your Workload 
This part really hard sometimes especially when one of your team member was on leave . What we do , we discussed with each other and segregate the workload . We are human right ? We can't handle the workload alone . So, teamwork is really important.

4) Motivate Each Other 
Saying something like " Let's do this , team !!! " . " We can do it !!! " , " Think Positive !!! We can do it together  " can motivate ourselves and people around you too .

5) Eat Chocolate 
I really love this one . For me eating chocolate really works for me to de-stress too . But !!! Don't eat it too much because you will be gaining weight . Hahaha.

6) Think Positively and Follow With The Flow
If we think too much about work it will really make us stress . Work never end . So, all we need to do is think positively and follow with the flow . It is the most important to make us stay alive for the whole day .

This is my tips how I manage my stress at work . How about you ? How you handle it ? Let's share . 😍


  1. good tips! i also managed to reduces stress at work this year, luckily! but good stress is needed to move forward ^^ love your blog :)

    1. That's good for you managed to reduce stress.

      Yes yes . Agree with that , good stress is needed too.

      I'm glad you love my blog . Thanks 😘

  2. Obviously sleeping is not in the options in your case kan? Hehehe

    How about listen to motivational songs?

    1. Hihihi .... I love to sleep but yeah you right not an options . Hihi ...

      That's a good idea . Motivational songs is nice too. But , in my office listening to music is not allowed . =( ... maybe time masa lunch or tgh rest ok kot kan .

      Thanks hanis =)

  3. Eat more chocolate does helps out a lot in managing the stress. and lagi satu, Fatin suka dengar lagu instrumental bila stress, rasa tenang jiwa bila dengar, hilang stress rasa hehe 😁

    1. That's one of good tips too listening to instrumental kan . I can give it a try .

      Tapi , office nadia bila time kerja tak boleh dgr music . Kena dgr time lunch or tgh rest je . 😊

      Nway , thanks dear for the tips =)

  4. Yup.. Think positive. Salah satu perkara penting..

    Reen setuju apa yang nadia katakan, find solution untuk smooth kan kerja semula. Bila ada pengubahsuaian atau penambahbaikan, kerja pun jadi bertambah-tambah..

    Dear kuat! 💪

    1. Kannnn!!!! Dalam bnyk-bnyk tips fikir positif yg paling penting .

      Thanks Reen bagi semangat . 😘

  5. bertabahlah nadia! erin bila stress kan, erin fikir satu benda je. as long as it doesn't kill me then i'm okay hahaha! :D

    1. oh that's a good one too. Tapiiii, kitaorang macam almost dying dah juga perasaan nya . hihihi

  6. What i always do is balancing my life and my work life. Even when i spent 9 to 10 pm at work i always make sometime for myself. Like i will pamper myself, treat myself with new lipstick, watch youtube, dance or join zumba or just hangout with friends.
    I do follow what you have shared, but I can't talk with my officemate now bcs talking and gossiping is not allowed as i feel like i am being monitored by those who want to bring me down

    1. Oh my politics office really sux . Tak bestnya if pergerakan kita diperhatikan . Alhamdulillah my team mate semua sempoi dan satu kepala.

      yes agree with you nak jugak pamper myself but bila kerja smpai kul 12 tgh malam dah rasa down gila mmg penat gila . Fikir nak tido je terus . terasa macam masuk kerja hari rabu balik kerja hari khamis . What a life . hahaha...

      weekend pulak mmg kalau boleh nak rest puas2 stay di rumah je movie marathon malas nak keluar mana-mana but we really need a hangout time with friends too right ?

      tq for sharing the tips too dear =)

  7. mek cam tu jugak --' mek sibuk dengan prestasi hujung tahun cam ni.

    boss mek cuti, mek pun ingat nak amek cuti jugak :)

    1. bestnyaaa if boleh cuti akhir tahun . =) . This year end 2016 is a tough time for me and my team since Bank negara new rules . Sedih kot hari-hari balik kerja kul 12 tgh malam =(


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