Sunday, December 4, 2016


Do you remembered about my 10kg mission ( click here to read more ) that I've shared before ? That I should lose 10kg in 2 months ?  Bur, what I get was I gained more 3 kg . So disappointed . ­čśč

Frankly speaking , why I need to lose my weight because of I've gained weight a lot and I will be one of Nazlin's bridemaids . Nazlin's wedding will be held on 16/12/2016 . It's only 12 days left before her big day. Oh noooo!!! I'm dead .

Obviously , I can't lose 10kg in 11 days . It's sound unrealistic . Maybe I can achieve to lose 10kg mission if I do an Atkins diet which is I don't really like . For me , Atkins diet is not healthy. I want a healthy diet but it took long time to achieve .

I send my outfit material to my Mum's tailor. The material given by Nazlin to be wearing on her big day . Due to time constraint , I don't have time to meet the tailor to measure my CURRENT body. So, I give her my best outfit to get my body measurement . The outfit looks good and I did not even tried it once I received it .

After 2 days , I saw that outfit and give a try. Guess what?? I can't even zip the skirt . I can feel my jaw drop on the floor . I totally can't believe that I'm FAT !!!!

I talked to myself . Be positive . Stay calm. Maybe , the tailor took a wrong measurement. Then, I took the example outfit that I gave to the tailor and measured it with the new outfit . It's perfect !!!! Nothing is wrong with the measurement . The tailor did it right .

I feel like crying out loud now . What should I do ? Nazlin's wedding is in 11 days from now.

Truthfully , I don't even diet properly . Serve you right , Nadia . For the past 2 months , I don't even eat healthy food . I eat oily food - keropok lekor everyday !!!! I do take sweet drink - teh tarik !!!! Starbucks , bla bla bla....

Even , I don't skip my 3 litres of water and my green tea everyday. Both , did not help much for the outcome . Andddd, I don't even exercise . I only done a few reps of sit up , leg scissors , plank . All that only strength exercises . I need to do at least a cardio exercises . But , none . I'm not doing any cardio .

Now, what should I do ? Anyone have some tips how to lose weight in 11 days ?  Please please leave some comments below .

Please help me , folks .

Sincerely ,
    The Fat Nadia =(


  1. erin pun tak tahu nadia. maybe nadia diet sampai muat baju baru tu kot for now. kurangkan nasi. exercise everyday. good luck nadia! :)

    1. kannnn..i should do that I guess . Thanks dear for the support =)

      I can do it !!! hihihi

  2. i need to diet too.
    every year baju makin tak muat and now i boleh pakai baju mak i. haha
    i tried to eat healthy like doing atkins - still fail. try not to eat rice frequently i will end up starving.
    right now i am trying to not eat heavy lunch - just lauk and vegies but i don't know i can tahan ke tak

    1. i know your feeling when you can even wear our mum outfit . Me too !!!! Hahaha ... but my mum is in a small size too not to big.

      I totally can't do Atkins . I'm feel dying of I'm doing Atkins hahaha...

      I guess I need to do same as you. Not to eat rice . Before married when I'm in diet phase , I not eating rice at all only grill and steam food . But now I hardly to refuse any goreng2 thing . =(

      Anyway, let's diet together dear . =)

  3. naik tangga kat ofis :) time lunch ambik biskut ping pong and greentea je. kalau lapar mkn tu je. jgn ambik roti :)

    1. Huiyo tue lebih krg diet atkins jugak tue Mek ... hihihi ... dlu before kahwin ada jugak buat gitu tapi skang asyik laparrrrr je hahaha ... insyaallah akan try buat balik

  4. Hi dear! Rindu Reen? Hehee wah... Dah tukar template baru. Pewwwwit!

    Reen ingat lagi ttg mission 10kg. Tak pe dear. Boleh berazam dan cuba lagi. Reen ni ha.. Dah 7 tahun matlamat nak mengempiskan perut macam ala-ala zaman sekolah dulu.

    Tapi sampai sakarang.. Hmmm.. Berangan. Hahahahaaa nafsu minum air kuat sangat. Lepas tu pula jenis makan beralaskan minuman. Hah.. Lagilah membutkan perut bertambah-tambah buncit.

    1. Rasa azam tue kena start tahun baru nnt lah hihihi ... kannn nadia pun sama sejak kahwin nie asyik laparrr je .

      Dlu boleh je diet control makan healthy je .

      Aah Reen tak elok jugak makan bersulam air tue . =)


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