Thursday, December 1, 2016


This is the continuity from my previous post >>> D.I.Y Flower Crown ( click here to read more ) . 

If you read my previous post , I've said that we are arranging a bridal shower for Nazlin . She will be getting married on this coming 16 December 2016 . 

I've should blog about how I've made flower crown for Nazlin and her bridal shower story on the next day after the event . But , I feel really exhausted that day and I have a morning flight for my short vacation to Yogjakarta , Indonesia ( will blog about it later ) . Let's see how her flower crown will be .

What you need are :
- Bunches of your flowers selection 
- Floral wires ( thick and thin )
- Floral tape ( green / white ... but , I use green more to make the flower crown look naturally )

How to do it :
Cut the floral wire based on your head size . Then , wrap the wire with the floral tape around it . 

The design of your flower crown depends on you either you want it to be fully round ended or having a small loop at the end of the crown . I choose the crown that has a loop at the end of it because I don't have each person measurement.

Then , cut your flowers selection into a small pieces . I use the green long stem leaves with a little bit of white flower as the based of each crown . 

As for Nazlin's bridemaids , I use baby breath and carnation . As for Nazlin's flower crown I use , white pink roses and baby breath as well . 

Take the long green leaves stem , wrap it around the wire of each crown . To make it look a little bit neat , secure it with floral wire that have been cut into small length . 

As for carnation and roses , I cut a floral wire into small length . Then , put through the wire into each flower . Shown as per below picture . 

As for baby breath , take several of it that has been cut into small pieces . Combined together and tie it with floral wire and stick it to your flower crown using the same wire .

Stick the flower to your crown and secure the flower by using the wire that you have put through underneath of your flower .

Keep repeating the same step until you get your own flower crown design . 

Remember, the loop at the end of each flower crown ? I cut some ribbons and tie each loop with that ribbons . The ribbons are use to adjust the flower crown size depends on your head measurement .

For Nazlin's flower crown , I sewed a veil on a ribbon and tie it to the loop at the end of the crown . I made a simple hand bouquet for Nazlin too . 

And, walla ~ Nazlin's flower crown done!! 

What do you think ? It is the crown looks beautiful ? Did I do a good job ? 

It's easy to make your own flower crown right ? If my pictures are not too clear , you can just go to Youtube and search " flower crown " . There are a lot of tutorials how to make your own fresh flower crown . 

Happy trying , folks .

Keep reading for my next post about Nazlin's bridal shower and how the flower crown will be looks like on Nazlin's head . 

Stay tuned .


  1. lawa!!!! takdelah susah sangat kan nak buat eh. cuma nak lilit tu jelah kot hihi.

    ps: susah betul nak masuk blog nadia huuu

    1. kannn... sbnrnya tak susah . Mmg betul lah part nal lilit and susun bunga tue yg take time skit lah.

      Wuu~ kann slow lan blog nadia . Sedih lah. Tgk lah weekend nie nampaknya mmg kena ngadap laptop edit template skit kasi laju.

      Kalau tak buat jugak mmg tak ramai lah audience nadia nnt . =(

    2. Tq for the feedback dear erin about my blog loading . =)

  2. wahhhh cantiknyaaa. teringin nak buat flower crown sendiri :)

    1. hihihi...try lah buat dear. Senang je tapi memerlukan masa yang lama jugak nak siapkan nya =D

  3. Gigihnya nadia ambik gambar each step :) Cantik flower crown! Siqah suka tengok je, buat tak nak. Kalau ada nanti kena buat, order jela kat nadia or hanis.. kiki :D

    1. hihihi...gigih jugak lah sebab bnyk shot jugak kena amik sebab lighting tak terang kan

      boleh je kitaorang buat kan ... tapi if Hanis ada , Nadia pun nak Hanis buatkannnn ahhahaha =p

      pape pun this creativity thing I loike =)

  4. lawaaa laaa. bleh buat untuk birthday anak nnt :)


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