Monday, December 12, 2016


It was my first time using my late father iMAC to view my blog ...missing him much 

I've bought this template few months back from Etsy by Mistery Design  >>> click here to read more. I totally love this template very much and I like the owner Kate as well  . She is really kind and help me a lot to setup this template . She even fulfilled all my request nicely and fast . 

Only one problem ever since I've changed into this template was my blog loading very slow . Most of my blogger friends keep telling me whenever they visited my blog , it took quite some times to load. Even my blog turning into white blank screen in some circumstances .

I don't know either the problem my blog loading slow because of the Internet connection or this template or other possibilities such as problem with the coding or too much gadgets or my pictures size is in a big scale . I just can't figure it out .

Due to slow loading , I have thought many times that I want to buy a new template . But , if I buy a new template I need a lot of time to setup everything again which I can't do it now. I don't have time because recently I have to work from 9am till 10 - 11pm . It's too hectic. So, I've decided not to buy new template .  

At the same time , I'm afraid that my audiences / readers / followers will bounce back whenever they have to wait for my blog to be load . That is sad and the outcome I guess it can be seen from my number of viewers and followers . 😟 . It increasing really slow . 

Does people hate my blog ? The small number of followers and viewers sometimes make me de-motivated . But , that is not the reason I should quit from blogging right ? I really have to fix my blog problem as soon as possible . 

If you been following my blog , you might notice that I've changed my blog look a little bit. I remove the photo slider on top my blog header . I deleted some of the gadgets from my blog too . On my related post part, you can even see it left for 3 posts only . 

But , none of this removal makes my blog loading faster . It still SLOWWWW . *i cry*

Does anyone know is there any software or apps or website that can detect why my blog loading so slow ?  

Anyone can figure it out and help me to fix it ?

Please share with me . I really need your help now . 

Thank you . 😍


  1. I checked your website with (you can try check it yourself) and your page size alone is 7.8 mb. and that is huge.

    you need to reduce all your post pictures by compressing it to reduce the mb. (there's lot of online picture compressor so no worries)

    and usually stock photos or picture taken by camera come with big size of mb

    1. Rasyaaaa... how sweet of you check for me why my blog loading so slow . Ok so memang confirm lah because of my pictures . nadia kena google any website that can resize my picture la kan . =)

      thank you thank you . =)

  2. erin check blog nadia guna dgn, result dia page size nadia besar. one photo kat blog nadia besar dia average 2MB per photo when it should be less than 150kb per photo. probably sebab tu blog nadia lambat load. gambar nadia dekat post hotel indonesia tu kan ada banyak. 1 photo around 2MB so lama dia nak load.

    1. erinnnn~ pun sweet mcm rasya . Help me to check why my blog slow .

      ok so memang confirm lah my pictures the main reasons . Selalu mmg nadia email gmbr dari hp then terus masuk ke blog . hihi

      Erin tahu mana2 website yang boleh resize my picture without change the pixel of that photo .


      thank you erin for your help . Much love <3

    2. 1.

      nadia try la yang mana satu senang utk nadia. lebih kurang je semua tu hihi. yang number 5 boleh resize while optimise sekali :)

    3. yeay!!! thanks Erin . Will try to do it . =) <3

  3. Ahh i should check my blog too! Thanks to erin and rasya for the link.haha

    1. Thanks Amirah visit blog Nadia . Kannn...thanks to both of them helping solve this problem. =D

  4. betul tu akak. kadang tu blog jd slow sbb size gambar terlalu besar macam 1000 px ke atas. cuba akak kecilkan jadi 800 or 600 px. busyra kecikkan gambar guna adobe je akak. hehe. btw betul ckp erin n rasya tu. busyra pun tngok. hehe. btw selain tu kan. disebabkan widget sidebar yg banyak pun boleh buat blog loading. tp busyra tngok sidebar akak dah okay. <3

    1. tue lahhh....after Rasya and Erin check mmg confirm lah gambar dalam blog akak nie lah yang buat blog jadi lembap .

      Thanks to Erin and Rasya helping me . Will do it later , re-size semua . Kena buat slow2... hihihi

      Aah dear , mmg dah edit sidebar akak tue . bnyk dah delete sbb nak blog load . hihihi

      thanks Busyra =) <3

  5. Lepas nadia tukar homepage, loading blog nadia kat both phone and laptop chika okay je dah. No more blank screen tue haa. Yup, agree with the pictures. Sebab banyak kot. Entri indon pun banyak pictures kan.

    Thank you erin sebab bagi website untuk re-size picture :)

    1. Ye ke yank . Dah kurang lah slow nya kot kan. Tak pe nnt ada masa nadia buat apa yang erin and rasya bagi tue resize pictures . =)

  6. tp memang btol. slow nau loadingnye. kene cari solution tu.

    1. kannnn Mek . =( ... rasanya memang sebab gambar .

      Mostly kawan - kawan blog yang tolong check kan mmg confirm pictures in my blog =(

  7. Hello Nadia,

    I am using Chrome browser's inspector (right click and click on "Inspect"), indeed this post alone has transferred 48.8 MB data and finished in 44 seconds. Part of the heavy load comes from large size images -- 10++ PNGs, each is roughly around 2 MB) that are shown nowhere in this page but weirdly downloaded. example:

    I think it's template issue, there is definitely something broken there...

    1. kind of you helping me checking why my blog loads to slow .

      my template also having problem that lead to slow loading ?

      I will take a look about that when I have more time . Thanks for your help . =)


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