Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is my first time read or heard about this blogger award thing. Thank you to my dear Hanis Amanina for nominated me for your sunshine blogger award. I am really glad that my post/blog make you smile. =) .

I know there are rules I need to follow for this award. But, I guess I'm doing this post just to answer all the questions from Hanis Amanina. Can I just do that? Hiks .

Here are the rules for this award if you want to participate. All the rules (I just copy and paste Hanis's) are :

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

The questions from Hanis are:

                                                  What is the first impression you always get?
        The first impression that I always get whenever I'm meet people, they will ask me, " Are you a student in school /university ? ". Am I look that young? Hahaha....

Is it true? And do you like that impression?
Is it true? >>> I don't know because people see me that way. hahaha.
For me, sometimes I like people have that kind of first impression towards me. Hahaha... 
But, sometimes I do want people to see me as an adult. =)  

How do you react to someone who keeps on talking to you about topics you are not interested in?
Usually, I will just smile and keep on listening. 

But, sometimes I will ask questions about that topic to start a conversation. I think that way may show that I have a little bit interest to know more about that topic.

Do you mind to buy albums (physically / digitally) of songs you love to listen or just download them online? 
I prefer to download them online. But, mostly I just buy from iTunes. Bye bye money. *sob sob*

What kind of items you don't mind buying the expensive one?
I guess iPhone? Duckscarves? ... Hmmm, I guess iPhone. Hahaha. 

But, I can't afford to buy a new iPhone every time Apple releases a new model of it. *sob sob* 

P/s: I really want iPhone 7+

Do you jot down notes during lectures / talks or simply listen and remember?
I easily forget so, yeah, I totally will jot everything during lectures/talks.

Mountains vs beaches? And why?
Noooo..... I want both !!! Can I? Hahaha. Why ? It is because each of it gives different spectacular views. That's why I love both. 

Do you separate your trash into categories?
Yes. Definitely .

Do you put your phone on flight mode when charging?
Obviously not. Hahaha.

Would you mind to share the latest picture in your phone gallery (if appropriate)?

Taa daaa... as below. 
A good product to get a beautiful skin BUT, the Gamat smell is totally strong. So I'm not using it occasionally except if there are some acne come out of nowhere. And, this thing totally vanishes the acnes.

The movie that I wait since last year. But, the release date of this movie been postponed due to homosexual issue.
Can't wait to watch it.

Do you think time-travel is good (if it will be possible in the future)?
For me, sometimes it's good to know what will happen to us in future. But, sometimes it's not good too because when we know about our bad thing happen in future do we ensure that we will not be trying hard to change our fate?

Better we just focus on the current life and plan for our future but must always remember everything is in Allah's hands to decide.  Either, it is a bad or good thing that happens in our life, cherish every single time and anything bad thing happens take it as a lesson learnt.

That's all my answers for Hanis questions. I love it.  But, I really don't know what questions I want to ask. So, yeah this post solely just for answering Hanis's question. Hihihi.

Hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for the post :D Hehehe

    1. Yeahh, of course you can ignore the tagging rule. :D So many bloggers have been tagged as well.

    2. I realised that your #gengmakan all of them looks young. If only I don't know your age, I will ask the same question as well. :D On the other hand, I am the one who look matured than my own age. Can't help huhu.

    3. For itunes kann, you can assess from all Apple products you have, right? That's good enough. I am now subscribing the Spotify premium but not that sure if I want to continue or not. T_T Too expensive for every month.

    4. I've lost track for new gadgets nowadays. Dah 7+ dah? Haha Nadia suka bigger phone eh? I use Note 4 for now, it is really big for me T_T But, I have no reasons to change it.

    5. It has been a while since I last saw any bedak sejuk T____T Ni yang bulat2 putih pastu letak air pastu dia cair tepek2 kat muka kann.

    6. Agree with you that we better focus on current life at the same time planning for the future. It feels hard to think about all those uncertainties but... hopefully we are strong enough to face them. :D

    Thank you Nadiaaaa. I enjoyed reading this! <3

    1. Ye ke hanis nampak tua dari your age ? Tgk gambar I think you look young too. =)

      Spotify mmg mahal if you subscribe alone . Tapi , I guess ada family subscribe kan ? Boleh up to 5 family members monthly . Then bleh tong2 byr bill monthly foe spotify. =)

      Yes yes , u r right . This bedak sejuk yang biji2 then letak air . Mmg bgus lah bedak sejuk tapi this one totally a bit bau gamat yang kuat . So kena tahan lah bau if nak muka flawless =p

      Yeay!!! Glad you enjoyed reading this post and thanks again for tagging me =)

  2. Chika nak cuba lah bedak sejuk tu. Atuk chika selalu tekan kan penggunaan bedak sejuk nanye. Dia pakai bedak sejuk (buatan sendiri) dari dulu sampai sekarang. Tak pernah pun pakai bedak lain. Katanya, ini rahsia muka atuk nampak licin sentiasa. Hihi.

    Dulu masa kecil, suka juga pakai. Bila dah besar ni, asyik try produk je. Maybe need to back to basic- guna beras je.

    1. Betul yank... nana pakai muka jadi better than before . Nadia pakai bila jerawat kuar je sebab tak tahan bau gamat tue ...


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