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Don't know where to start for your wedding plan ? Which wedding reception venue to choose for your wedding theme?

WeddingWire will help you to choose and decide where to start and what type of venue suitable for your wedding theme. There is a quiz on their site and it was fun to answer it. I feel like I want to repeat my wedding reception again ( of course with the same man. Hihihi ) when I answer it. Just click here to answer that quiz. The quiz have several questions such as: Do you want your reception to be indoor or outdoor? , In which season you want to get marry? , How many guests are you planning on hosting? and lots of other questions that can guide you as well.

After I'm done answering the quiz. My result as below. It's really true. Actually, I do like an outdoor wedding as well but I live in Malaysia with a hot weather. So, I prefer indoor wedding. And, my wedding was held at Dewan Seri Endon, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

So, for all bride-to-be in Malaysia. You may visit WeddingWire site and answer the question to give you some guide and make your decision much easier for your wedding day.
My result after answer the quiz

My wedding venue 
For who are living in United States. There are lot of beautiful venues offer by WeddingWire site. You may answer the quiz as well to guide you in making the decision.

There are some venues from WeddingWire that I like. If I living in United States, I will definitely choose below venues for my wedding day.

1) The Sterling Castle

The venue situated at Shelby, Alabama. This venue makes the wedding looks like a prince and princess wedding feelings. The castle surrounded by beautiful garden.

2) Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel
The venue situated at Taneytown, Maryland. The venue looks very country yet classic. It has a beautiful hall and several types of gardens to photoshoot your wedding.

3) The Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
The venue situated at Vienna VA. The venue has a walled glass house which very exquisite. I totally love glass house. Your wedding held in the glass house but you get the beautiful garden views as well.

Below are some of WeddingWire most popular locations people searching for. You may click on each links to find out:
1) NYC wedding venues
2) Chicago wedding venues
3) Los Angeles wedding venues

To see more venues at other locations, you may click here.

You can read WeddingWire flipbooks to get started with your wedding plan and get an inspiration. You even can visit their Instagram account.

Visit WeddingWire site for your ultimate wedding guide. Happy planning to all bride-to-be out there.

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  1. Perghh cantiknyaaaaaaa!! Chika paling suka yang tempat pertama, Castle!! Wish nak kahwin lagi sekali, mestilah dengan orang yang sama kan..

    Plan juga nak buat kat dewan camni, tapi bila tengok duit dalam akaun bank, terus tak jadi. Hahaha

  2. sekarang ni memang banyak dah kemudahan orng nak buat sesuatu hanya melalui online. Yang ini baru saya tahu. Okay, saya belum kawin lagi. so patut kot nak try2 usha kat web weddingwire. Tapi makhai~ tengok gambar2 cantiknya. mestimahalkan. Tak salah kot awak sanding semula. Just buat mcm anniversarry wedding :D

    1. aah mmg bnyk . benda-benda macam nie boleh search as an inspiration . Macam amik lah idea sikit2 ikut budget kita. If semua memang tak lah . Confirm lah mahal kan.

      If nak buat mcm anniversary wedding , tak nak lah buat reception balik . Saya nak anniversary wedding g travel ke . hihi

  3. Hahaha, nak jawab quiz tapi tetiba ada soalan what u and spouse like. alamak, dah camne nak jawab. T_T tapi teruskan memandai2 jawab hahaha so i got farm, ranch, barn. Lol

    1. hahaha....actually website dia ada banyak je quiz lain jugak =)

  4. cantik semuanya, jadi impian teruna dan dara

    1. kannnn tapi negara dorang banyak wedding hall yang besar and mostly ada garden yang cantik tgk dari gambar je lah kita ye hihihi


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