Sunday, March 5, 2017


Hello everyone!!! I want to talk about my February 2017 makeup haul. Maybe , I'm a lil bit late because it's already March but I guess better late than never, right?  Hahaha.  

As I have shared in my first ever beauty entry : MY BEAUTY PRODUCT >>> ( click here to read more ) , I did mentioned I am not a makeup person. All I know is about BB cream and lip balm because only that I usually use daily. BB cream solely to cover my panda eyes. Hiks.

This makeup stuff that I've bought last month was unplanned. I'm hangout with my #gengmakan friends ( Hanis , Siqah and Tasha ) and we entered Sephora in Pyramid. Among us, Hanis the only one have a little bit knowledge about makeup. So, yeah she is the one who taught us what is eye shadow , blusher , foundation , primer and bla bla bla at that particular time. 

Seriously, there's a lot of makeup stuff which I or we don't even know a single thing. 

What surprised me more was Sephora full with students or youngsters that day. I just make a guess that their age about 13 - 25 years old? . I mean I'm 30 but know nothing and they know everything. Woah. Youngster nowadays is so advance , right?

When I see them , my thought was, " at their age all I know was about school and books ". Makeup? Nope. Maybe , yeah I know just about Fair and Lovely cream. Is it consider as makeup ? hahaha.

Whatever it is , youngster nowadays totally different when I was at their age. No wonder, most of them can easily make their own money while studying more than people who are working like me. 

So, without any due, let's see what Hanis have taught us on that day makes me bought all of the makeup stuff. Most important, officially I've become one of Sephora member. Hahaha.

Once I've entered Sephora this lip balm was the first one I've grab. This one is my all time favorite. 

Before this, I've watched makeup tutorial by famous blogger Cik Epal that she is using a makeup that can be use on lips and cheek as well. I love to see people wear blusher but I don't know how to use it. Once I saw the video, immediately I want to have one because for me it is really convenient to have 2 in 1.

Actually, I don't even know either this souffle can be use for both lips as well as on cheek. I just saw the name and I immediately grab it. I do try it on my cheek before paid for it. Even though the color not really appear on cheek, I still bought it. Maybe because I love the color.

When I grab the NYX souffle , Hanis told me that it's better for me to buy the proper blusher. I love the Stila blusher that Hanis put on my cheek but the price is too expensive. I don't want to buy that one because I'm afraid that I will not use it regularly.So, it will be wasted.

That is why, I grab this blusher. Seriously, I love the color. It suit my skin well.

I love to use BB cream or Garnier eye role on to cover up my dark circle. But, when I queue up to pay all the stuffs suddenly I saw this cream. The name " bye bye under eye " makes me want to buy it.

When I took it out from the box, it surprised me with the size. The size totally small . For me the cream is too expensive for that extra small size. Nangis.

First time I used it , I thought the way to apply it will be same as I apply BB cream . But, it is not. My eyes become white all over it . Hahaha. So, I know that the cream should be apply in a really small portion. This cream really can cover up my panda eyes. So, yeah I like it!!!

That's all the makeup stuff that I bought in February. The lesson Hanis giving us is useful for beginner like me. After all , it was really fun that day. I feel makeup is really fun and it is an art as well.

What I feel hassle when apply makeup that I need to remove it whenever I want to pray. Really time consuming and I am a lazy person on that part. Hahaha.

After I've bought all the makeup stuff , for two days I applied blusher on my cheek to office. Then, another 3 days, back to normal bare face again. Seeeeee...told ya , I'm a lazy person . =P

US - after we came out from Sephora. Make over by Hanis ( On the right wearing spectacles) - the picture is not clear,don't know why.

I want to buy eyeliner. I used to have Maybelline eyeliner but once it finished I never buy the new one again.

I'm 30 already , so I guess I need to at least know more about makeup just to be presentable.

Hoping , Hanis will buy the blusher palette from Stila and Urban Decay. So, she can do a makeup for me too. =p

That's all from me. 

From all the makeup stuff above, do you have tried any of it ? If you have any suggestion for me about makeup , please please please share with me. 

Have a nice day. 


  1. Seriously I love blogging and especially to read all the new things (like theseeee) I should try!!!

    I laughed hard to read the part you put Bye2 Eye Fat in 'big portion'. But, I am sure I will be exactly the same if I am in that situation. Hehehe.

    Haven't been in Sephora in Malaysia, but I realised teenagers nowadays are very well exposed to cosmetics / make up thingy. They need to be up to date to get along with their similar age friends I think.

    Anyway, Nadiaaa, I have a blogger award (tag?) for you. Hehe feel free to check it out. I don't mind a blog post, just answers in the comment are more than enough to get to know you moreee :D

    Sunshine Blogger Award

    1. kannnn...dorang lagi terer bab makeup nie .

      hahaha... I guess if u are in my shoe mesti hanis pun letak bnyk mcm nadia Kita kan sama je tak reti bab makeup makeup nie =)

      oh yeah... I already visit your blog about that . Insyaallah will definitely do it =)

      thank you for tagged medear =)

  2. Itulah bahayanya bila wanita masuk kedai makeup. Haha

    Yang tak pakai makeup pun boleh jadi akan beli jugak. :P

    1. betul sangatttt tue Ana.

      Tapi kadang best jugak tgk barang2 makeup nie =)

  3. Biasa kalau nak natural, saya guna vaseline je untuk bibir .. Tapi macam intereting pula tengok lip balm sephora..

    1. vaseline is the best !!! I love it too. Tapi if dkt malaysia jrg pakai , selalu pakai vaseline if gie overseas letak satu muka sebab cuaca dorang kan kering so makes our skin dry too.

      Yeah yeah that sephora lip balm mmg best . You should try dear =)

  4. Nowadays teenagers bukan main kan. Kulit pun flawless pakai makeup lawa rasa macam nak lempang diri sendiri haha. Kalau tyra kuar je sephora nangis laju laju samada duit melayang macam tu je atau nangis xdapat beli ape2 hiks.
    Bye bye under eye cream looks promising! If it does it job properly, then let say goodbye to my money bcs I need something to cover up my dark under eyes

    XX Atheera | XX

    1. Kannnnn agree dgn Tyra too. Dorang pandai gila makeup.

      Hahaha. Betul2 hari tue hampir nak nangis sebab kur sephora burn duit . But, tak nangis sebab it's for my own good bila fikir lagi. Kena tahu sikit makeup. Hihi. Maybe if next time if tak terjebak lebih mungkin akan jadi mcm tyra . =)

      Yes yes that cream really works . Seriously it's can cover my bad dark circle . You can try one.

  5. Hehe. Berjaya Hanis pengaruh kita beli mekap kan! Sekarang dah tengok barang mekap je pulak. Tapi seram nak beli takut tak terpakai. Hii

    1. Kannnn!!!! Terer hanis pengaruh tapi ok je for our own good . Kena tahu sikit jugak lah kita nie kan.

      Betul tue. Nadia pun tgk gak barang3 makeup menarik je semua tapi belum sampai beli lagi sbb takot benda yg sama mcm chika . Tak terpakai km rugi dahhhh duit nnt . Makeup mahal oiiii!!!! Hahahha

  6. Budak sekarang memang makin advance, hihihi. Mai rasa beli make up ni boleh menyebabkan ketagih,tak pakai pun next time nampak nak beli lagi,haha.

    1. Tue betul jugak Mai. Bila masuk sephora kita jadi suka pulak tgk benda2 makeup tue semua tapi sebabkan tak pandai sgt bila yang basic je lah ceritanya . Maybe dah pandai lebih skit bab makeup mungkin akan terjebak lebih lah lagi bila masuk sephora . Hahaha

  7. cntik smuanyaaaa.. blusher nyx busyra belum pernah cuba. mcm best. :)

    1. Blusher tue mmg best Busyra. Cantik color nya . =)

    2. Oh lupa... harganya pun tak semahal brand lain. Ok lah hihi


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