Monday, October 17, 2016

In Order To Live - by Yeonmi Park

Book review again... hihihi . 

Have you heard about this North Korean girl who giving her speech at the One Young World event about her freedom ? 

This books is about her journey to freedom . 

This is an incredible , true story of thirteen years old girl, Yeonmi Park who risked her life when she and her  family fled from North Korea .

Revealing what it was like to live under a brutally repressive regime, which starved and terrorized its people . Yeonmi tells of her family's courageous decision to escape and of the extraordinary , heartbreaking journey that followed , culminating in a daring night-time track across the Gobi Desert to freedom.


When I read her story , it makes me feel so heartbreaking , pitiful , sad , hurt . Every emotion feel inside me. Her life surrounded with cruelty situation . I also can feel her feelings when she receive her freedom . It makes me cried because at last she get her freedom .

In this book , she describe how a North Korean citizen live . The regime is so brutal . I can't imagine how hard she live in that kind of regime . 

The way they live makes Yeonmi and her family planning to escape from North Korea . Her story to freedom started when she and her mum searching for her sister Eunmi who are planning to escape while Yeonmi still admitted in a hospital . 

From that day , it was a day Yeonmi and her mum became one of the victims of human traficking in China . When they decided to escape , they think they will find a greater life than in North Korea . But , they not . They always in a run . 

The most sad situation when her mum had to volunteer to be rape by the brokers of the human trafficking in order to save Yeonmi being rape . Even I read that part , I feel tragic . I feel sad . I can't imagine what will be Yeonmi feelings when her dearest mum being rape in front of her . This world is full of cruel people . Where are their humanity ? 

When they arrived  in China , Yeonmi and her mum being sell separately . 

She told every details how their life while living in China. How they being sell  , run , be prison just to survive . 

While , they are in China . They still don't get any news about her sister , Eunmi . 

After several years , she convinced her dad to come to China. But, her dad really sick when he arrived in China. Then, he died and been buried in China .

After can't handle being sell and how hard their life in China . They decided to fled to South Korea . Across the Gobi Desert , Mongolia .

When they arrived in South Korea . They need to undergo kind of intensive camp. After that , finally she and her mum get their freedom in South Korea.

To know more specific about her story, I truly recommended you should read her book . 

After I read this book , her story makes me realized how grateful we are as a Malaysian . Thankful our country still in a safe and full of humanity even there are some parts involve politics issues , a bit here and there crimes . But, we still have our own freedom to choose and be chosen . 

For Yeonmi Park , you and your mum did a great big decision . Congratulation for your freedom . And really you write a very good book . Your book do inspire people all around the world .

Cherish your freedom , Yeonmi-ya.

To see all of her video giving talks and documentary about her freedom . You can just type Yeonmi Park in youtube . 



  1. haven't read this. the only north korean defector that I've read her story is the one with 7 names. best jugak taww.

    1. Ye ke ... nnt nak cari jugak lah =)

    2. Bila search , buku tue by Hyeonseo Lee kan ? Ada jumpa pasal dia dkt Youtube.

    3. yepp :D Hyeonseo Lee. :D Lepas baca kisah dia baru cari2 kisah lain. Jumpa Park Yeonmi ni jugak cuma tak baca lagi sebab teballll haha

    4. Aah tebal dah lah tulisan pun kecik kecik . Hihihi . Mula-mula baca rasa adoi tebal nya bila dah tgh2 rasa tragic sgt cerita yeonmi tak sabar nak tahu ending hihi

  2. Yank.. chika nak pinjam buku ni.. nantilah. Bila tergerak hati nak baca. Nak habiskan dulu buku yang ada 🙈😁

    1. Boleh yank. Chika habiskan dlu buku-buku chika . Sebab sekarang Nana tgh pinjam baca . =D

  3. bace review pon dh mcm sedih cite ni. jahatnya manusia. kita alhamdulillah sangat dpt hdup mcm ni skarang.

    tp org kita ni (certain) bodoh offer diri untuk dijual. orang lain menangis merayu tak nk berpisah dgn kluarga anak suami. haiii, semoga kita semua diberi kesedaran .

    1. kann Mek .. memang sedih baca cerita yeonmi nie .

      Kita masih bersyukur Malaysia still aman . =)

      insyallah =)


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