Friday, June 10, 2016

Shop with Zalora

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Salam and hello everyone ,

It's already 5th of Ramadhan . 25 days left for Ramadhan before we meet Syawal . Alhamdulillah . 

How is your Ramadhan , my dearest friends ? Hopefully we already done a lot of good deeds and do more of ibadah in this holy month . 

A month to purify ourselves . A month to put us closer to our Creator . Insyaallah we all can do it . 

So, in 25 days left for Raya . I've bet everyone of us already start searching for Baju Raya . Even , some of us may have search and buy Baju Raya earlier before Ramadhan . Right ? =) 

What design , style and colors will be your choice for this year Hari Raya Eid ? 

What type of clothes do you prefer ? A comfortable one ? A designer touch ? An affordable pieces ? A classic style ? Batik style ? =D

For me , I always love something from batik and laces. As for colors .  I've prefer pastel hues - such as soft peach , nude , white , beige , rose pink , pink nude , pastel pink , blush pink , nude peach , mint green , soft blue , dusty purple , etc . 

I really really really love laces . I don't know why . For me , laces makes a women looks feminine and sweet . I can buy laces clothes even I don't even wear it for once . Hahaha . Yes . I know it wasting money . But , I can't restrain myself from not buying laces clothes . =P

Even my wardrobe full of laces and pastel hues clothes. Even my office mate , my #gengmakan , my family , my husband already know that pastel colors always be my chosen color . 

Some of my tops - mostly in white and pastels tone and laces 

It's not that I don't like bright colors . I do have bright colors clothes - such as bright pink , black , blue black. But , it's not as much as pastel colors.

My batik skirt for this year Hari Raya - see even batik I choose have that pastel tone.

As for style . I prefer simple yet elegant and comfortable . 

Every year. I will always custom made my Baju Raya . 
This year , I only custom made for the batik skirt . And I need to search for a suitable top to be wearing with it.

I feel like I want to grab a top from Malaysia designer - Rizalman , Fiziwoo , Mimpi Kita , Alya Bastamam . But, I think I can't afford it . =p

So , I decided to buy something similar design but more affordable and importantly it's comfortable to be wear it under the hot Malaysia weather . 

I hate to go to a place that crowded with people to grab any top to be match with my batik skirt . So, here comes the technology . Online shopping is the best solution.

Of course , there are pros and cons buying online . But , who cares . If not satisfied with the quality of that item , we as a customer have a right to do complaints and return it back . Right ? 

So, everyone must know that the most well known fashion online shopping in Malaysia are Fashion Valet and Zalora . 

I've tried bought something from Fashion Valet before. I love Fashion Valet . And I am a fan of Vivy Yusof. She is such an inspiration . =) 

As for Zalora , I've never tried buying anything from it. I always browsing or window shopping all the clothes in Zalora but no intentions to buy . Hihihi . 

Maybe this time I should buy from Zalora because I need to buy a top for my batik skirt . 

Then , I remembered I went to the Zalora Raya Fashion Festival  supporting Fiziwoo before >>> to read can click here  . At the events , all the guest received a goody bag contain a voucher from Zalora . Yeay!!!! This is a good time to use it . 


How to shop with Zalora : 

1) Register .
You need to register . Don't forget to click on the tab " subscribe to get RM25 off " .

2) Email confirmation 
Then , you will get an email from Zalora and a gift RM25 coupon as a new member .

But , the voucher only valid for 7 days only , starting from the date you registered . 

3) Zalora Apps 
To get more discount , you can download Zalora apps. Zalora apps makes you easier to shop and you will get a 15% off . Yeay!!!!





The categories makes your shopping easier .

4) Start shopping 
Here some of the tops / clothes that I choose from Lubna . But, which one I will be choosing ? Hihihi .




Three clothes below have laces touch . I love it !!! But, I only can buy one . Hihihi .



5) Purchase 
Once you made a decision to purchase . Just choose your " size "  and click " add to bag ".


Once you click " add to bag " . A number will be shown on the bag icon . It indicates how many item you choose . 


6) Promo code/gift and Payment .
Then , you can proceed with any gift certificate or promo code . You can just key in the code at the column provided below . And it will calculate the new price of the item . For my first purchase , I'll using the voucher I've got from the Zalora event .

After done , just click checkout and you can proceed with the payment .


7) Payment and Confirmation 
Once your payment been successful . You will get a confirmation notice from Zalora apps as well as email confirmation from Zalora .



8) Delivery and return 
Within 2 - 3 working days . You will be receiving your parcel . Yeay !!! 


If you have any disatisfaction with your item . You may follow the instruction on the bag and a form provided inside the bag how to return the item . 




When I received my item . I love it !!!! Now I know why people love to shop with Zalora . Hihihi . I even make my second purchase with Zalora . =D

Zalora always have the code promo every day . You just need to check it out at Zalora website as well as Zalora apps . For me , I love online shopping using Zalora apps . Easier for me to search what categories I want , choose and make payment . Everything just on your fingertips .

Just a reminder . Before make your purchase . Please double check your item and size measurement to avoid any problem .

So, dear . Let's shop with Zalora . =) 

Oh , by the way . Can anyone guess? Which tops/clothes I bought for Hari Raya this year ? Hihihi .

Have a nice day . Till then .

Love , 


  1. ekin last shopping kat zalora dapat kolaborasi dengan zalora aritu lepas tu tak beli dah hihihihi

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Waaa~ bestnya dapat kolaborasi dengan Zalora

  2. eyh, tersama dengan mek. mek pun pakai kain batik gak this raya. baju xbuat lg. eiiikkkk

    1. Yeay!!!! High 5 skit Mek . Suka pakai kain batik sebab selesa tak panas . =)

  3. hehe. banyaknya apps online.. chika masih ada zalora saja buat masa sekarang. maybe lepas raya baru boleh install. hehe

    1. Kannn bnyk sgt , hahaha ... Tak pakai semua pun . Ada certain tue utk jual pre-loved yank . Install jgn tak install . Tapi bahaya gak apps bnyk2 nie . Duit keluar macam air . Hahaha


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