Monday, June 27, 2016

Ideal Morning Routine

Salam and good morning , everyone .

I wake up this morning and I saw this one picture or an article that is really informative .

This routine is a good routine for us. Maybe , I should try to change myself and follow this routine . =)

Actually , if we wake up early . Our body will feel fresh . I used to wake up earlier . That was my everyday routine beforeeeeeeee I getting married . Hahaha.... What I did was , after performed the Fajr'  prayer , I will do any exercise atleast 30 minutes to 1 hour. The outcome really awesome . You will feel more energetic. And your blood circulation will flow smoothly. But , after I getting married ? Hmmm~ the routine started to fade away . Maybe I should start again like my old days . Hihihi 

And , our mum always said : " Don't sleep after Fajr' prayer , you will feel much more sleepy and you will block your sustenance ( rezeki ) " . It is really true though .

It will be much better if we perform Dhuha Prayer early , eventhough Dhuha Prayer can be perform until before Zuhr prayer . 

The most important thing that we should do but all of us sometimes take it for granted is reciting Al-Quran or Dua' after every prayer . Especially after Subuh prayer . Allah books will really change our daily routine if we always or keep on reading it without fail . Insyaallah.

So, my dearest families , friends , readers , viewers . Let's us together make this routine as part of our life . It's not too late to change . Better we change now than never . Right ? 

Self reminder to me too. =) 

Have a nice day .

Love ,


  1. dhuha dah ke kul 7? mek slalu sempat dhuha kat ofis jee. tu pn lmbtt. ahahaha

    1. Aah nadia selalu dhuha di office if tak sempat . Kalau sempat dhuha di rumah je =)


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