Sunday, June 19, 2016

Iftar at Korea

Salam and hello , everyone .

Alhamdulillah . It's already 14th of Ramadhan. Hoping all of you have a bless Ramadhan . =)

Surprise with the title ? Hihihi . Don't get me wrong . I'm not visiting Korea for Ramadhan even I wish too. Hahaha. It's just a story I wanted to shared because last week , two days in a row . I had my iftar with my gengmakan at the Korean Cafe.

Oh , I really loveeeee Korean food . My gengmakan also love Korean food . Do you love Korean food too? And , seriously I do miss to travel to Korea again. 

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe 
Here is the story . Shima is one of our team member who is craving for a Korean food . Shima is having her third baby this year . You know right? A pregnant lady will always craving for something . Apa orang cakap . Mengidam . Hihihi .

So, since me and my gengmakan really love Korean food . We decided to accompanied Shima for iftar last Wednesday ( 15/6/2016 ) . 

Hanbing Dessert Cafe became our choice that day . It was our second time having a treat at Hanbing . If you followed or visited my blog . You must have notice that I've blogged about Hanbing Dessert Cafe before >>>> click here to read .  


For Ramadhan , Hanbing Cafe introduced a set of Table Cooked Topokki and Durian Bingsu ( Seasonal Menu ) . Hanbing Cafe really specialized in Bingsu . We have tried several bingsu from other cafe . But , Hanbing bingsu are the best . 

The Table Cooked Topokki come in three type of sets. You can choose which set do you prefer . 


Each set have 5 dishes : Table Cooked Topokki , Big Bowl Bibimbap , Fish Roe Fried Rice , Kimchi Nachos , Trio Korean Fried Chicken and Smoothie of the day . 

What makes each set different was the Table Cooked Topokki ingredients . You can choose either beef , seafood or chicken . We chose beef set .

Here comes the foods picturessss. Hihihi . Of course , our food been cooked by the waiter . Hahaha . 

Table Cooked Topokki 




Big Bowl Bibimbap 


Fish Roe Fried Rice


Kimchi Nachos

Trio Korean Fried Chicken 

Looks yummy right ? Andddd~ here comes the highlighted food . Dessert . Their best bingsu .

Durian Bingsu - seasonal bingsu

Blueberry Cheese Bingsu

Alhamdulillah . Our iftar went well . For me , I love their Table Cooked Topokki and Bibimbap . The most best food among others , of course , the BINGSU DURIANNNN . Seriously, you must try it when you visit to Hanbing .  Last but not least . Picture of us . 

Us - Arman ( Mira's baby boy ) also joined us . Such a cutie pie . 

Here comes the bill . Hihihi. 

Street Cafe SS15 
After Iftar at Hanbing on Wednesday . On Friday (17/6/2016) . Again. Korean Food be our chosen menu for Iftar. Me , Hanis and Tasha went to Street Cafe SS15 , Subang Jaya .  Our other gengmakan members can't joined us that day . =( 

This cafe is a well known cafe . I guess . It have two branches . One at SS15 , Subang Jaya . The other branch at Sunway Pyramid . Hihihi . I've never blogged about this cafe before . It is because we always come here whenever we are craving for Korean Food . 

Plus , the owner already know me and my gengmakan. Hahaha . Muka kitaorang je yang selalu datang makan jadi dia pun dah kenal . And , I love their service too . Don't get me wrong . It's not because we knew the owner . But , seriously the owner really polite . 

When we come to this cafe . We feel happy when the owner is in . It is because we love to ask and talk about Korea with him . How we miss Korea . Will come back to Korea. Giving suggestion to him to introduce a new menu at his cafe and etc.  We did suggested him to bring in Odeng ( korean fish cake) at his cafe . Anddd, suprisingly . He did it . Yeay!!!

We gengmakan really love Odeng . Me and Hanis can eat dozens of Odeng in one day while we are in Korea last time . Hahaha .



As for Ramadhan , Street Cafe also introducing a new menu . In the menu sheet stated , can eat for 2 pax . Seriously , you can eat for 4 pax . Ye lah . Kita kan puasa , perut tak boleh makan banyak . 


As written in the picture above . So here comes the foods poctures that we ordered . =)


Rice balls : From left to right - bibimbap inspired with prawn , avocado with lemon zest and tuna mayo cheese with seaweed 

Grilled cheese on Spicy Dakgalbi ( chicken ) with Topokki 

Additional menu that not included in the Ramadhan set are:

Bibimbap bulgogi - additional request : spicy

Favourite one : Odeng 

The Ramadhan set : for me, the rice balls is nice . But , for Dakgalbi just so-so . 

The two additonal dishes : bibimbap bulgogi and Odeng as usual . Totally yummy . I've been ordered that two dishes before at Streets Cafe . =) 

So , that is how my Iftar at Korea story goes . Hihihi . You can tried the Ramadhan sets at both Cafes . Each cafes have their own specialty . You won't regret . Especially for the Korean food fan like me .

For more details .You may visit their official Instagram. 



Till then . 

Love , NIA


  1. Dugaan betoll bulan posa cam niii tengok desertt aiskriimmmmmm. Allahhu :)

    1. Hihihi . Serious Mek . Bingsu durian tue memang terbaik . =)

  2. Alhamdulillah it looks so good. Especially having it with loved ones. Happy happy fasting dear.

  3. I would love to eat korean food but i dont have friend to share my interest huhu

    1. U love korean food too? Yeay!!! Maybe one day . If u nak g mkn . Boleh je nadia temankan . =)


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