Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bright Side

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Salam and Morning everyone . =) 

Have you ever face a situation whereby you feel your day turning upside down ? Kind of your bad day?  - You are not in a good mood . Your motivation down . Your brain doesn't cooperate with your body . You feel restless . Everything you do goes wrong . Etc .

Sometimes I do facing that kind of situation . We are human after all . Right ? 

This one video shared by my mum , really catch my interest . The video title : " Traveling / Exploring changes our brains . "

Click here to watch the full video: 

It's a short video telling us that , sometimes we need a time break . More specifically , our brain need a break.

Go travel or explore to a place that connect our body and soul with nature . When we are connecting with nature , our brain feel calm and becoming more creative . When our brain feel calm , it will automatically connecting with our body and soul make us feel bless . Make us feel fresh . Make us be more thankful to the Al-Mightly for this beautiful life .

I agree much with the video. It's true . Last time when I went to Gunung Irau ( which the entry still in my draft , hahaha ) with my husband , sister and a bunch of friends . 

Me At Gunung Irau 

Despite of thinking deeply about the route is hard ( in reality the route was really really really hard I tell you , hahaha ) , we feel our body and soul connected with nature . The sound of the forest . The sound of the wind . It's describable. We keep on saying  ; " Segar nya ( so refreshing ) . Bestnya ( best ) . Nyaman je . Cantik nya ( so beautiful ) " . We keep on repeating the same words again and again . =) 

So , my dear friends . Let's us put nature in our schedule. Let's us get out from our comfort zone , computers , city , works and etc to be connecting with nature more . Maybe , once in two weeks . Or maybe , once in a month. #selfreminder to me too . =)  

The video been posted by Bright Side . And I saw the comment as below :
I be like :" Ohhh~ it's an app " . So , I downloaded the app. It's quite interesting .


It gives  a lot of information that maybe you need in your routine daily life . Their app tagline : Inspiration. , Creativity , Wonder

You can choose depends on what category you searching for .



Each topic or article gives you more details information . 

 Creativity topic 

Health topic 

You can even share the article with your friends by clicking on the icons : facebook , pinterest , twitter and whatsapp . 

So, not only you get the information . Your friends too. Sharing is caring right ? Hihihi .

For fastest ways to get an information . You can just click on the search button and type the topic you want .




Doesn't this app interesting ?  You can download the app from iOS and google play by typing "Bright Side" . 

Bright side have it's own facebook and youtube account too . You may check it out . =) 


Happy trying and exploring .

Have a nice day , all . 

Love , 


  1. Macam menarik je app nie! Okay, download! Hii

    1. Kannn~ memang menarik yank ... Gie download cepat =)

  2. sound like an exciting apps! thx for sharing

  3. Bagusnye apps nii. Mcm motivate kita kan? :)

    1. Aah Mek ... Motivate kita satu . Bagi idea pada benda-benda DIY yang kita nak buat pun ada . An informative app . =)


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