Sunday, August 6, 2017


Hello  everyone~

How are you doing? =)

I guess I'm having a blogging slump.  So , I'm so sorry if I'm not blog walking any of your blogs. My bad. =(  Even my own blog also I don't visit. Hahaha. Can you imagined how slump was I?

Even in my blogging slump phase , I did not do lots of activities except reading, going to work , watching Korean drama and currently I just starting to take more serious about my body.

I know I've been talking about losing weight thingy so many time but I'm still at the same old habit and weight . Hahaha... Have you already bored seeing me bragging a lot about losing weight but still I don't get the result? Sorry about that too~ =)

But seriously, I've already started by cooking a healthy foods. Bring my own dish to work. Walk as many as I can and jog every weekend ( aha~ this one I just started again because I've participate in Sukan Sea Marathon 2017 which be held on 19 August 2017 ) . Andddd~ I've registered for 15KM !!! How crazy is it. At first, my intention just to be my sister running buddy but now I just don't have confident to run such a long distance.

But, hey Nadia you don't even start running, yet you already give up? Don't give up Nadia. You can do it!!! #laridemikhairyjamaludin #talldarkandhandsome hahaha. =p

Even I don't update my blog and not blog walking. I'm really thankful to those who still visiting my blog and left comments. Love ya!!! 

Have you read my latest entry that I've posted on 28th July about " 5 Top Hotels To Stay in Kuala Lumpur " ? >>> If you are not reading it yet, you may click here to read more.  

Truthfully, I'm really thankful to Traveloka for giving me such a great opportunity to collaborate with them. If not, I guess my blog will be left out more either one month or two month or more. Sob Sob. That's why I really glad that Traveloka approached me by asking me writing about hotel article.

While I writing that entry, seriously I really need a short vacation but I can't because starting August until next year it will be a tough time for my team at work. So, I can't wait for my 14 days leave in November. #prayforthebest #semogasemuadipermudahkan.

But, actually I just got back from Pulau Tioman last week in July. Hihihi. It was a company event but it can be so-called short vacay? hahaha. Atleast, I have a chance to getaway for 2 days from the busy city. 

If you watched my Instagram Story with Siqah, you might be notice that we went to Pulau Tioman together. Luckily I have a friend like Siqah that we could share the same interest. <3

What else that been happened in my life lately?

Hmmm.. books? Okay about books, I've read 6 books in June and 6 books in July. The most favorite books among 12 books I've read are :

1) When - by Victoria Laurie ( A novel )
2) Mind Platter - by Najwa Zebian ( A motivation book )

Then, Korean drama that recently I've just finished and just starting watch it are:

1) Master Ruler : Master of The Mask ( Finished )
2) Queen Seven Days ( Finished )
3) Signal ( Just start watching )
4) Criminal Minds ( Just start watching )

So, that are the snippet story about my life lately.

Insyaallah, I will be updating more in my blog. Hihihi.

How about you? What have you been doing lately?

Oh, by the way if you have any suggestions that I can add in my Japan itinerary please please give the suggestion to me. Seriously I kinda lost a bit in drafting the itinerary. hihihi.

Have a pleasant day all.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Nadiaaaa, are you going to Japan soon? November ni kee? yg 14 days cuti tuu? Wohooo haha

    Right now, I am starting to write posts daily, just to kill my free time and try not to postpone my travelog anymore.

    I really want to read Najwa's touch, but haven't bought any book yet. Maybe I'll just enjoy her words on her IG for now. :D

    I have no ideas of any Korean drama - no time to watch, bad Internet, hmphhhh.

    Nanti kalau jumpa KJ, ambil gambar okayyy? I have few pics with him. :D :D #fangirling

    1. Aah~ gie Japan . Hopefully trip Nadia tue nnt dipermudahkan.

      Yeay!!!! Nadia suka baca travelog Hanis. Even skrang Nadia agak kurang update blog and BW but I'm still look forward to read your travelogue story. Insyaallah nadia baca satu persatu dengan . =)

      Buku Najwa tue seriously sgt sgt inspiring and motivating . Worth to read .

      Drama korea tue yang nadia dah habis tgk bagi nadia best . Hihi

      KJ tak adaaa~ sob sob. Nnt nadia update story pasal sukan sea marathon soon ok =)

  2. It's okay lol. I think everyone has at least the phase of blogging slump.

    And the book by Najwa Zebian looks worth reading. Review it please 😘😘😘

    1. Kannnn~ ye lah lagi2 siapa yang jenis serupa mcm nadia, up entri ikut mood mmg terbengkalai jugak lah blog ku nie hihi

      Buku najwa zebian tue insyaallah nnt nadia buat review ok =)

  3. I don't know that you were actual irl friend with Siqah. Oh my, I miss Tioman. Even though I just stayed home all these time, a short escape seems so good. Actually, I am thinking on losing weight as well, but it seems so hard to adhere to "healthy" routine. I guess I should at least eat healthily first.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. Hihi ... aah kitaorang mmg kawan . Dah lama dah bekerja dan kawan rapat jgak . Dah 7 tahun dah and still counting . And thankful ada kawan mcm siqah yang satu kepala and same interest in life . Hihi

      You are right . We all should eat healthy first.
      Kan ada quote , " you are what you eat "

      Hihi .jom kita buat sesama living in a healthy lifestyle . Insyaallah .

  4. 15KM!! Punca utama kenapa Siqah tak join larian Sukan SEA. Rasa tak mampu. 10KM pun hujung tanduk dah rasa. Hii

    Anyway, Good Luck Nadia untuk larian nanti. Pasti boleh punya! Kalau jumpa KJ, sampaikan salam eh. Hihi :D

    Siqah tak baca lagi WHen dan Mind Platter. Currently tengah baca Mind Platter sebenarnya, cuma banyak nak hadam bila baca buku tu. So on hold dulu. Hii.

    Signal, daebak!! Hii. Criminal Minds, okay jom nak tengok latest episod 5 malam ni :D

    1. Hihi thanks for the wish Yank . Tapi mmg penat gak lah 15km . I will share sukan sea marathon story soon . Insyaallah .

      KJ tak ada masa marathon tue =(

      Pleaseee nnt baca lah When . Best !!! Buku mind platter tue mmg terbaik for our motivation and inspiration. Byk boleh relate dgn hidup kita seharian juga. =)

  5. Wah!! Nadia masuk 15km Marathon!! Wowww! Hebat tuhh. All the best, Nadia! Jangan lupa amik gambar dengan KJ hihi :D

    Fatina tak tengok langsung korean drama bulan ni :( Tengok Nadia senarai korean drama tu teringin nak tengok pulak hehe :)

    Fatina |

  6. Fatin, tak adalah hebat sgt masuk 15km tue. Nnt nadia share story about that marathon soon . Insyaallah. =)

    KJ tak ada masak marathon day tue~ * sob sob *

    Best!!! Drama korea bila nadia tgk mesti release stress nadia . Hahhaha


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