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Do you a collector of hijab, just like me?  If yes, give me high 5 !!! Yeay <3

Hmm~ I can so called a part of hijab collector. Hahaha. But, usually, I will be collecting any Limited edition shawl or scarf from various of hijab brands.

In the past, when we said " hijab ", the first thing will come out from our mind are the square type of scarf or hijab, right? 

As time goes by, recently, various of hijab style we can find and wear confidently to suit with our own fashion. 

Some of the hijab style or hijab brands have become the phenomenon all around the world. Some women can spend from RM 10 up to RM 400 just to grab their favorite hijab style or brand. See, women can be crazier sometimes. Oh, and I'm not exceptional from that group either. Hahaha. I also could spend that much. #ripmymoney #fashionforlife #myhijabcansavemewhenimincoldcondition =p 

So, let see, what are the types of hijab that we can wear to suit with our outfit or fashion.


example of square hijab donning as shawl style 

This is the oldest and still standing hijab style all time. Hahaha. I guess it the most favorite one. Technically, this hijab easy to style up with any outfit. You can even be donning the square hijab looks like a shawl.

Square hijab can be suited with either work attire or formal attire or even casual attire. But, to get the different looks the selection of the square hijab material is the main thing to makes you look presentable on every occasion that you need to attend. You even can choose either plain or printed square hijab depends on your outfit. Square hijab also is known as bawal scarf.

As for me, seriously I will wear this square hijab whenever I'm late to get ready for work and go for a workout/jogging. =)


This is how I donning my shawl

This shawl hijab keeps expanding the style day by day, years by years. I mean lots of style or materials of this hijab you can buy out there. 

From plain shawl, printed shawl, pleated shawl and more. You just name it. There are lots. I can't describe each of it here because it will be a longgggg list. =p

Printed shawl

Pleated Shawl

Feather shawl
Truthfully, I am a fan of shawls. I do collect some of the limited edition shawls from some brands. I really love to wear shawl because it can be style up depends on my comfortability, outfit, and event that I need to attend. 

Sometimes, I can just style it up by wrapping around my neck without a pin ( if the shawl material is cotton). If you wear a hijab shawl from chiffon or satin silk material. You must wear an inner that cover your neck as well. Then, only you can style up so called " effortless " hijab style. Aha~ Shawl also can be style up as a turban too.

So, I've shared some of my own hijab tutorial wearing a shawl. Happy trying. <3

Wearing Purdy Petals chiffon shawl

Wearing cotton shawl

Wearing purdy petals chiffon shawl for my engagementt

Wearing Cloverush shawl


Example of instant hijab. I usually wear it for swimming or working out

This hijab style really suitable for women who are always in a rush. It also suitable for whoever needs a "pinless " hijab style.

There is two types of instant hijab: full instant or semi instant. Full instant hijab meaning you don't need a pin at all. You just wear your inner scarf and put on the hijab. Walla ~ you ready to go. #ehmacamwazepulakrasanya =p

Naelofar instant hijab

As for semi instant shawl, you still need a pin to complete your style. I don't really like an instant shawl because I have a small face. Whenever I wear an instant shawl I still need to use a pin to secure my shawl. In my case, I guess it can't be called as instant shawl anymore. Hahaha.

Semi-instant hijab

But, I do own two instant hijab which I will be wearing it for jogging or swimming. I feel much easier to wear an instant hijab for both activities. 

Hmm~ so, there you go, all time everyday hijab style I can ever share. Hihihi. 

If you wanted to get those hijab styles easily. You can visit here to get any of hijab from various of brands that suitable for you. 

Happy styling up and thank you for reading.

Have a pleasant day, everyone . <3


  1. terbaik!

    I am the one who feel a bit awkward to try different style of hijab. I love both bawal and shawl, but not really any of instant hijab haha. I love to fold the shawl into 1/4 the width first to suit my face. :D

    I will avoid wearing bawal if I am going to any windy places hahah :D

    1. Kannn ... nadia pun kurang minat instant sebab muka nadia kecik so selalu kena jugak pakai pin. Hihi...

      Hahhah u got the point . Betul2 bawal sgt ringan kalau pakai time windy confirm terebang. Hihi

  2. memang tak berapa reti nak menggayakan shawl. thanks for da tutorials:)

  3. Ana pula sejenis yang pakai satu style je. Bila nk try style lain tu rasa awkward pula rasanya. Hehe

    1. Hihi... betul gak tue tapi nadia mmg suka try je. If tak selesa back to one lah pkai yang mmg nadia selesa . =)

  4. Siqah mesti vote for shawl! Hihihi

    1. Yeay!!! Sama ... kan sebab shawl boleh buat mcm2 style hihi

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