Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday....favourite day ?

Hello, everyone, 

Here comes Monday again . Who loves Monday ? Hahaha... Obviously I'm not a fan for Monday . But, today I love Monday . 

The story suddenly Monday be my favourite day ( maybe just for this week ) , because yesterday Sunday ( 15/5/2016)  was not  a good day for me . 

Why? Hmmm....Sunday suppose to be a lazy day . I should be lying one whole day on my bed . Resting at home . Doing my favourite not so good hobby . Watching Korean Drama . I mean drama Marathon . Hahaha . Scrolling instagram . Searching anything on Google . Blog walking . Etc . 

But , it turn up , I need to help my mum and husband repairing something , do a major clean up , etc  . Actually that's not a problem at all .

The BIGGEST problem was : for one whole day there's no WIFI at my house !!!!  It happened so sudden. 

I can't live without WIFI . Tell me . Who can live without WIFI ? Raise up your hand . Hihihi. I guess,  nowadays , everyone can't live without WiFi . Agree with me ? Or Not ? Hihihi .

If no TV . Ok with me . No WIFI I'm dead . Plus , I'm using Maxis . Maxis is the worst telco in my house area . Whenever I'm downstairs , my handphone it will be showing sign NO SERVICE !!!! 

What??? I feel like I live somewhere in an abandon city . But , in reality I live in the city . Hmmmm.... 

And , yesterday TV is the only savior to cheer up my day, despite of reading book ( even I have one novel to read , but yesterday not in a mood to read ) . 

Then , heavy raining is coming . You know . When raining ,  Astro??  NO SERVICE !!!!! Huwaaaa~ Bad Sunday . =( 

So , that's why today suddenly Monday be my favourite day . I can't wait to go to work , even I hate to go to work on Monday . Hahaha .

I can't wait to come because I can use the internet . Like really fast . All of you have heard about Maxis One plan  right ? They offered a fastest internet coverage recently . But not in my house area . Pfffttt~ 

I can scrolling my phone . Instagram . Googling . Write this entry . Hahaha. Playing Youtube . Watch my Korean Drama . See~ internet is useful though . Hahaha .

But, obviously Drama marathon cannot be done at the office . 

On my way to the office . I saw this quote from Pinterest . After read this , maybe Monday should be in my list favourite day also .=p 

It's true . Everyday , is a gift . 

We actually should be thankful , The Al-Mighty giving us a chance to live whenever we wake up everyday . While , some people out there suffering or try to survive to live even for a day . Masyaallah . Pray always for them . 

But , maybe just for Monday . If one fine day I've decided to put Monday in my list favourite day ,  I should start my day with a positive vibes by set in my mind . " Insyaallah today will be a great day , Amin . No Monday blues . " 

Or else like quote below , I should buy the positive pants instead ? Hahaha . Do you know where I can get it ? Hihihi . Just kidding . 


For us to get a nice positive day . We also should start always our day with smiling . Maybe by smiling you can make other people feel lively . 

So here , I'll start my day with smiling and selfie~ for all of you . hahaha. 


Have a nice Monday , all .

Thank you for reading .

Till then.

P/s ; still hoping today , Unifi at my home will be fine when I get back from work .  If not ? Huwaaaa~ Pray for my WiFi . Hahaha . 

Love ,


  1. Kan.. xleh idup sgt skang ni kalau xde internet. Cam xtau ape benda yg happening kat luar :)

    Oh ya, mek try this routine a couple of week a go. Start your day with at least Al-Mulk. if there many time left, read Yassin too.

    Its calm myself. Kerja pun jadi teratur je.

    Insyallah, lets istiqamah :)

    1. Kan tanpa internet mati kutu ... Hihihi ... Oh ye ke? baca surah al-Mulk . Ok boleh amalkan . Tq Mek share . =)

  2. Moga hari-hari lepas ni hari yang baik untuk Nia :)

  3. monday oh monday..><... for me time buat aktiviti luar (daki gunung) mmg 2-3 hari jgk xde far ok sbb blh lari dr mcm2 berita yg kdg2 jemput mood -ve kat kita..kira detox environment la..hikhik..biar natural skit

    1. Hi husna ... If buat aktiviti luar tak tenet tak pe , kita enjoy the scenery , the view ... Hihihi nie dkt bandar nie apa je ada kan ... Tapi bestnyaaaa naik gunung =D

  4. i used to hate monday but now, not anymore. hmmmmm

    1. Hihihi ... Alhamdulilllah ... Mesti ada cerita awak dah tak lagi benci hari isnin =D

  5. Hihi. Chika pun sama! Biarlah tv takde takpe, yang penting internet ada. Banyak oo gunanya internet. Hihi.


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