Monday, October 12, 2015

KL city in our heart .

Hi, everyone . 

Among all the girls , duckscarves is one of the most favorable scarf in the universe ( is it universe kinda exaggerate? But it's true =)  ) . It's the most trending scarf . The girls means Including me who chased for duckscarves . Hihihi... But , the pieces that I chased for since it's been release their 1st batch was the KL city Duck in black . 

I'm not the one who have time to wait in front of the laptop or fashionvalet  shop to grab the scarf . So, yeah. I'm always miss out to grab one for me. :(

So, I ask my friend , Shaz either she know where I can get a KL city Duck . Even the pre-loved for KL city duck also will do for me. That's how badly I want to have it one for me . So she suggested me to visit this one personal shopper for duckscarves . 

@by_me_withlove instagram . She known as Darl . 

She do sell new and pre-loved duckscarves . And she also willingly queue up for you just to grab those beautiful duckscarves . And that's what I did . I asked her favor to grab one of KL city Duck in black after I saw one post been posted by @duckscarves instagram.

She replied said she try her best to grab one for me . After a few days . She texted me telling me that the KL city Duck in black is available . 

It was the best news on that day . Hahaha...At last I've got myself a KL city Duckscarves . Yeay!!! 

Luckily , the scarf was arrived on Friday and I've got to donning it on Saturday . 

The detail of the KL city showed it is an exclusive pieces . 

Monochrome #nadiaootd on Saturday . 

So, girls . If you can't grab a duckscarves for yourself via fashionvalet website or shop. You can ask for Darl favor to grab your favourite duckscarves for you. 

Thanks again, Darl for your kindness. 

Till then. Bye all . =D


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