Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Korean Cafe Hunting

Hello . =) ... Since , we ( me and my #gengmakan ) back from South Korea last April 2015 . We still can't move on about Korea . Especially their food . We really love Korean foods .Whenever we found a new Korean Cafe or Korean Restaurant in Malaysia ,  we will be like " Wei , there is a new korean cafe / restaurant .... let's we try it !!! " .

I'm sorry , I did not manage to share our Korean trip in my blog yet  . But , I will blog about it soon . Insyaallah .

So here the stories . Back in Korea , we do visit several of their Cafe ( nak visit semua tak cukup masa , hihihi ) . Lot of their cafe have their own style/theme and their coffee was totally delicious . Delicious here means you don't even have to add up a syrup or sugar in it . Just Perfecto taste .

When we get back to Malaysia . We really miss the vanilla latte that we taste in Korea at Toms & Toms Coffee Cafe .

One day , we stop by at Caffe Bene in Jaya Shopping Centre , PJ , because we miss the vanilla latte . But , in Caffe Bene we ordered bingsu not vanilla latte because we already come to Caffe Bene several time .  I've posted a picture in my instagram and the caption " Because we miss Korea , we can't go to Toms & Toms Coffee which is far away in Korea . Caffe bene will even do to release our craving " . And accidentally , there is 1 comment in my picture . The comment did mention that she found a Toms & Toms Coffee Cafe here in Malaysia at Quill City Mall . We was like ... seriously ?? and we google about it . It's true !!! There is Toms & Toms Coffee cafe here . We so happy .

We visited here when we when to Matta Fair Exhibition on 4th of September 2015 .But , the vanilla latte here the taste is not same like we having in Korea . After all , we thanked to the girl who told us this cafe . At least , we release our craving . 

Second , new Korean cafe we visited is Beans & Beans was in Citta Mall , Ara Damansara . The Cafe we found when Siqah shared with us about this and we when together . The Cafe was so cute . Love the interior of the cafe . It is feel like we were in Korea. Fe-feeling sangat . =p

It's open everyday from 10:00am - 12:00 am . Look , the cute cafe . The menu are simple . 

The menu 

Bulgogi Beef Sandwich

We ordered : bulgogi beef sandwich , choco bingsu , vanilla latte , cappuccino , chocolate and apple pie . All the food is delicious . But , the apple pie too sweet for me. The yummy one is the choco bingsu . The shaved ice totally soft and melt easily . If you ordered bingsu it is better if you shared it atleast with four of your friend . The portion quite big . Like us , we shared one bingsu for six person . =) 

choco bingsu and apple pie

Yummy Choco Bingsu

Spotted a group of korean . They must miss their country and maybe this cafe can makes they feel a bit like they were in Korea . Andddd ...we also miss too visit Korea again .

 So , my dear friends ... go visit this cute cafe . Till then .

See you again in my next post .   =D

Love ,

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