Monday, April 20, 2015

All white...clear

Annyunghaseyo ...hihihi holla all. It's been ages I didn't update my blog . Everything already been type but all have only been saved in draft . Maybe , I don't have enough time to edit and post or I've been a bit lazy to edit and post . Either two of the reasons. But , nah never mind . hihihi...

So , tonight I've decide to post the tutorial how to edit a photo with a white background . Btw , it's been a long time I've fancy the beautiful instagram feeds that have a same tone color or a creative shot or a nature shot that been organise nicely . It always nice to see such a  beautiful feeds .

Since that day , I've decided to filter my instagram pictures to get like all the other beautiful instagram feeds but I can't because my private instagram account full of my wedding #liveupdate pictures . I've hired  #Pelangiputihfilm to do the live update . Thanks to them for shoot a great pictures . 

So , to get a nice feed,  I had created a second instagram account : @nadiaizzaty.nia  ( kindly follow me , tq ) that will be organise nicely based on what I want to post about . Usually , my feeds will be organise based on #three3series  #whitebackground #randompictures.   hihihi.... 

Let's we started our photography tutorial . Btw , I'm an iphone user.  So , my tutorial will be based on my experience . As for samsung user , vsco apps is available in google apps play . But , for Snapseed apps I'm not sure either the apps available or not in google apps play .

Apps to use : 
- Iphone editing photo tools
- Snapseed
- Vsco

1) Snap a Picture :
To get a photo with the white background , obviously make sure the picture that you want to snap must have a white base / background .

When you snap the picture . If the lighting is bright , we will get a nice white backgorund . So, only less step to edit the picture . But, when the lighting is no good , the white background will not be bright. Just like my example picture above .

2) Iphone Photo Editing Tools :
 Usually , I will start editing my picture just by using the iphone photo edit tools.

By using the iphone editing tools . You can adjust the brightness , exposure , shadow , highlight etc depends on the white tone that you want .

As for this picture , the white background is not too dark . So , no snapseed apps needed to edit this photo. 

After editing and reach the white tone that I want . Next step is , I'm using the vsco apps to make the picture tone looks more smoothly. 

3) Vsco Apps :
Below , is the vsco apps that I've been using to make the picture tone looks smoothly.
Usually , I will be using the filter range S : S1 - S6 , to avoid much original color been erased. 

4) The end :
And , walla... Below picture is the picture that been perfectly done the editing.
It's so simple right ? 

So, friends. Hopefully my tutorial will help you a bit. And , happy trying . 



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