Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 RECAP


Happy New Year 2017, all. 😀 . Am I too late for the wish? Hihihi.  Sorry for that. Only now I have a chance to update my blog after 2 days we celebrated 2017.

Yes , I know maybe I am too late to recap what to be cherished and what to be taken as a lesson learnt in 2016. I guess it much better late than never right?

For me, 2016 gave lots of beautiful memories from goods and bads. So, let's see what was happening in my 2016. 


  • I always have a wish to travel overseas with my whole family (our last trip together was back in 2013 when we performed our Umrah). For me, it was the best. This year, my wish came true. We get to travel together to a place that my Mum cherish the most, UK. Even though it was a short trip but it gave lots of beautiful memories. 

  • Our 2016, ended with a beautiful newborn in our family. My brother and my sister-in-law welcoming their first baby. He is so adorable. My brother gave his son name as Muhammad. Masyallah . What a beautiful name. Muhammad brightens up our family with his cute face and smile.

  • Alhamdulillah . 2016, is my 2nd year as a wife. More ups and downs to go through. Alhamdulillah, I have almost a perfect and understanding husband. 

  • Even I've gained weight and my target to lose 10kg failed. But, I managed to participate in three marathons and the best one was in Korea of course. 

  • I've done lots of improvement for my blog especially the template. I've changed my blog template always until I found Mistery Design template that I love.

  • My blogger friends taught me what  "DO" and "DON'T"  to be a better blogger. They shared lots of blogging tips on their blog as well.
  • I can see my viewers day by day keep on increasing even though it is not rapidly increased but I really feel thankful to all of you to keep on visiting and read my blog. In 2016, my target is to get 100 followers but it's okay. Thank you to my 77 followers who follow me and like my blog. Insyallah more followers will come.Amin.
  • Thank you to Nuffnang for inviting me to some of their events even though I can't attend. And, thank you to some of sponsored post or reviews post that emailed me. Sorry, for some of it I have to refused to do it due to time constraints. In future, I will try to accept all of the opportunity.

  • Our #gengmakan still stay the same. It just Me and Syira rarely to have lunch together with our 3 other members like always due to our work. =(

  • I've gained lots of blogger friends.Our friendship day by day become close even though we only communicate with each other through the web space.
  • My closest friend, Nazlin already became a wife this year. Alhmdullilah.

  • I've been duck-ed this year. Hahaha. I don't know since when I've been interested in Duckscarves but I've bought a few pieces of it. If you accumulated it all I guessed I have spent RM1000++ including some pieces that I already sell. I think I am crazy to spent that much.Adoiiiiii.

  • I even interested in Tudung People and Tudung Ruffle limited edition shawl because of the shawl design and colours.

  • Alhamdulillah, I've still got an invitation to a fashion show. Mostly, an invitation that I've got are from Fiziwoo. Anddddd, I've got a chance to met my idol, Vivy Yusof. 

  • I do challenge myself to read 10 - 12 books a year. But, this year I only achieved to read 7 books. Mission failed. hahaha...I can improve about that right?

  • As you know, recently I babbled a lot about my work. I even babbled about my work in some of your comment columns too. I am truly sorry for that. It is not my intention at all. I just wanted to know that I do really miss all of your blogs. I do miss to blog walking everyday and etc.
  • I know it is actually not good to keep on complaining about work as it is our rezeki. But, I and my team really tired with all of this. We are hoping our management can do some enhancement immediately for us to get back our normal life. For us to send a complaint to Bank Negara is just not realistic. We know that Bank Negara done this new rules to make our MYR currency stabilise. I guessed all of you know that our currency or economy really worst. Even to be compared our MYR with Rupiah , our MYR is totally much more worst. Can you imagine how bad is our country condition is in term of financial? Duhhhh....
  • So, what my team and I can do now is to stay strong, don't get sick until everything back to normal. Insyaallah.

So, that's all my recap for 2016. I read some of your recap 2016 too. Some of your recaps are nice and some can be taken as lesson learnt for our future. Let's we look forward to a better 2017. Insyaallah.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading.


  1. 1. I was wondering, maybe you have mentioned somewhere that I forgot. How many siblings do u have, you are the 2nd child eh?

    2. Wow, surprised to read that Rm1000+ :D I know that people said, once u have been ducked, you will always be ducked. Right?

    3. I can only set my book target up to 6 books per year T__T


    1. Hihi nadia pun tak ingat nadia ada mentioned ke tak. I'm the eldest dear . Hihihi

      Kannnn, tanla disedari dah spent bnyk mcm tue . Haih lah. Ada regret gak belj brg mahal mcm the but sometimes as a rears to myself tapi if selalu sgt membazir rasanya . Hihi

    2. Bnyk lak typo : *tanpa * beli *as a rewards ... hihi

  2. Nice encounters <3 Hopefully more great memories will be made this year, insyaAllah ^^

    1. Thanks wawa ... Hope 2017 be much more better , Insyaallah amin . =)

  3. Hi yunk! Selamat tahun baru 2017! Tentang kerja tu biasa.. Kita ni cuma manusia.. Yang kenal erti penat lelah.. Bukan robot.

    Sometimes kita memang perlu untuk luahkan tentang kerja.. In sya Allah rakan bloggers lain memahami.

    Keep strong yunk! 💪

    1. Reeeeennnn... selamat tahun baru jugak.

      Haaa~ agree dgn kenal penat lelah tue ... Tue lah hope for a better one in term of work . Insyaallah . =)

  4. Happy New Year. Am I too late wishing you?
    Nice entry with lovely photos. love them.

    1. Happy new year too Adam .

      Hihihi ... thanks 😊

  5. salam hi. nk ajak awk join GA sy.. jom :D


    1. Tqvm tag ... Insyaallah if ada masa saya join ye dear

  6. 2016 is a great year for you! I hope 2017 will be my year, aamiin :)

    1. Alhamdulillah for 2016 . Insyaallah 2017 will be your great year . I'm looking for my normal life again for this 2017 .Amin .

  7. Insyallah. tak lama lagi tu, kerja back to normal okay :) tengok korang struggle hari-hari.

    Chika nak pinjam buku In Order to Live nanye tapi memikirkan banyak buku tak baca lagi, so hold dulu. Hihi

    1. Tue laaaaaa ... tapi rasa skrang dah ok sikit habis process dah awal jugak lah cuma nak buat recon eod tue yg take time sikit jugak tue . Insyaallah will be better soon.

      Hihihi tau buku chika beli banyak dah . Tapi nnt nak pinjam bgtau je yank

  8. salam..singgh ptg kat sini..
    baru ad kesempatn nk menyinggah blog kengkawan jap di tahun 2017 ni..huuu
    hepi belated new year..hehe bole x? yup..hope this year will give us more happy and sweet memories.. ^_^

    1. wsalam, Yaya... hiiiii....happy belated new year too dear. =)

      Insyaallah our 2017 will be much better than last year.Amin =)

  9. Aa btol. Tk elok duk complain pasal rezeki tp tu la kita yg penat jd trkluar jugak keluh kesah tu --'

    Bnyk nya nadiah tudung duck awk ! Memang bnyk la spent kat sane :)

    1. kannn Mek . Bukan sengaja nak complain tapi maybe dah penat sangat kot. Tapi sebenarnya lebih baik kita bersabar kan =)

      aah Mekkkk , tanpa disedari . Saya banyak dah beli Duckscarves . Terbang duit saya =( .. hahaha


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