Monday, November 14, 2016

My Weekend In Numbered List

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I have 30 minutes left before midnight to wrap up my weekend activities . Do you think I can end my entry before the weekend over? hahaha... =) 

I'm thinking to wrap up my weekend in numbered list .

I've read this numbered list idea for a blog after I read Erin Azmir blog . Of course , I've asked her permission to post an entry using this idea . 

I think this idea is cool . If you ever read a.k.a our Tun Mahathir blog , you will realise that most of his entries also are using numbered list . =)

Let's see , what are my weekend activities . =)

1. I woke up for a Fajr prayer and thought to take my sleep again . After all , its weekend remember ?

2. Can't do that because I need to send mama to the airport .

3. Getting ready . Went to the airport . Having breakfast with my mama , sister , cousins , uncle and aunts at Old Town White Coffee.

4. Yes , I ordered Nasi Lemak after a while I've cravinggggg for it . And , there you go Nadia , your 10 kg mission failed . Congratz !!!  Hahaha.

5. Mama getting on onboard . We off to Anjung Tinjau an area where you can see the aeroplanes .

6. Do some OOTD at Anjung Tinjau area .

7. Go home . It's already 12:30pm . Getting ready for Mok Cun theatre with Hanis and Siqah .

8. Hanis fetch me at home . Thinking to wear flats but sadly my palazzo lace pants quite long.

9. So, I have to wear a 3 inch of high heels . 

10. Truthfully, my walk will look weird whenever I wear high heels . hahaha.

11. Mok Cun D'walei Theater was totally awesome .

12. They played mostly songs from Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster movies . Worth every pennies.

13. After Mok Cun theatre , we are having dinner at WOnderMama Avenue K.

14. Arrived home . Feels really exhausted because of the heels . =(

15. Resting . Waiting for my husband to come back home . 

16. Prepared my husband dinner . Getting ready for a midnight show.

17. Watch Doctor Stranger midnight show with my husband , my sister and my cousins.

18. The show was awesome . 

19. I'm not a comic reader . But, for me Marvel movie is much more interesting than D.C . hahaha...

20. It's 3am. I Really exhausted . Sleepy . Goodnight . It was a great Saturday even I feel exhausted .

1. Yesterday , I didn't get enough sleep so , yeah I woke up late . Happy me .

2. At 10am , I've cooked a Mee Hoon Goreng for my husband and my siblings .

3. Do some housekeeping. Settle up mountains of laundry. hahaha.

4. Continue watching Korean drama " Woman with a Suitcase . "

5. Mr husband off to Sepang circuit .

6. While waiting for the washing machine done . I'll take a nap .

7. On the evening , I'll do a flat lay for Syira's Cloverush shawl .

8.Luckily there are some roses that I've took from my cousin's wedding last week and the roses complete my flat lay . =)

What do you think ? is it a yay or nay my flat lay? =)

9. Take a Snapgram .

10. Waiting for my sister bought Raboki from my favourite Korean cafe " The Street Cafe " at SS15 Subang .

11. Having early dinner . 

12. Continues doing a little bit laundry because it's raining on the evening .

13. Blog Walking . 

14. Read Hanis Amanina review about Korean Drama " On the Way To The Airport ."

15. Always listening Siqah and Ain talking about this drama too at the office .

16.Heard and read that the ending of this drama quite good .

17. Thinking to start watching it .

18. Update my blog for this entry . Hahaha.

19. While updating this , I've played the drama next to me . Obviously , I don't concentrate to the drama and need to replay it again . Lol .

20. So, it's already past midnight . I will end my weekend wrap up and watching the drama till I fall asleep . Goodnight all .

How about your weekend , dear ? It is fun ? Boring ? As Usual ? Done something new ?

Let's share . =)



  1. Replies
    1. kannnn...hihihi. sebab tue Nadia beli sebab it's beautiful colors =)

  2. Yes.. silalah tengok On The Way to the Airport. Hehe. Cantik color tudung semua. Eh, saya pun cam ada semua. Hahaha. Gila kita ni. Hihi ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

    1. hihihi... aah smlm tgk sampai episode 3 ke 4 ntah .

      kannnn... memang kita2 nie semua gila tudung . sebab the colors are beautiful . =)

  3. wow. menarik idea ni. btw baru tahu blog Tun Mahathir lps baca entri akak. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. kan....idea from blog erin azmir =)

      tq singgah . yes yes . cubalah baca blog tun M . =)


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