Friday, April 29, 2016


Hi all,

Woohoo~ This week we are having 3 days holiday due to Labor Day . So , in advance . I wish to all my readers, viewers , friends and families . Happy Labor day !!! =) 

For me , labor day is important especially to a person who are working . Even housewives . We can wish them Happy Labor day too~!!! Our mum , work very hard to take care of us . Agree much? =) 

Today, my team received an email from our Line Manager , Kak Sha . She give us a very touch email and wish us Happy Labor Day . 


For me , it's good to received an email/wish from our superior . It makes us , as a staff feel appreciated . 

Thank you Kak Sha for the lovely wish . =) 

Labor Day also means off day . Off Day means HOLIDAYYYY~ yeay !!!!

Last year 2015 , our #gengmakan planned a trip to Seoul,Korea . 



This year , we can't go on holiday together like last year . But , we still can go on holiday together when there is a public holiday . Yeay!!!! 

So, we are planning to go for a holiday at Perhentian Island this coming Labor Day . 

I've never been to Perhentian Island . I've only heard a review or story about the beauty of Perhentian Island . =) 

I really miss to the seaview . 

* picture from trip at Tioman last year 2015 *

*picture from trip to Penang last year 2015*

So, I really can't wait for our trip . May our trip went smoothly . Semoga dipermudahkan oleh-Nya . Amin . 

Here we come Perhentian and Hello the beauty sea . 

This Lautan song by Yuna really suit with our coming vacay . 

So, dear my readers , viewers , friends and families . 

Again , I wish all of you " Happy Labor Day " . Have a nice holiday . Take care of yourselves and drive safely.

If anyone coincidently we meet at Perhentian , please say Hi to me . =) 


Til then . 

Love ,


  1. Hi babe, ^^

    Happy Labor Day too.. =*

  2. wahhh, bestnya..saya pun tak pernah sampai lagi perhentian tu...huhu...

    1. Best dear . Alhamdulillah kami dah sampai ke Perhentian masa Labor day tue . Tgk laut cantik , view cantik . Subhanallah . Speechless . Nny NIA buat entry pasal pulau perhentian trip . Hopefully bagi info sikit =)

  3. Sebanyak-banyak rindu pada Pulau Perhentian, rindu lagi chika pada Korea!!!! :D


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