Saturday, April 23, 2016

Have You .... ???

Hello dear , 

Have you ever feel ?  when you travel the world , you kinda miss your home town . And when , you back to your home town , you feels like going to travel again ? Hihi....

I always do have this kind of habit or feelings . 

Recently , I had traveled to Korea and UK . My Korea trip was much more adventure than my UK trip . 

Maybe , it is because of , this time Me and Hanis travel as a backpackers . 

We when through such a great experiences, memories , hardships that we maybe won't forget . While , my UK trip it was much more leisure . 

Other reason that I feel Korea trip is much more adventure than UK , maybe because there is no communication barrier in UK instead of in Korea . =) 

But , if I have another chances . I do want to explore more about Korea and UK . Their scenery is speechless to be witness. 

When I traveled . The most thing I ever hate was :
.....packing transit . I feel it was hectic, to be on board , then you need to off the plane , going through the passport checking . Over and over again . 

But .... 

The most thing I ever like or love when traveled was : witness the shades of skies . be having a seat next to the window see the people behaviour see the culture in every places or country that I have been to be experiences all of their food ( of course the halal food - if it hard to found halal food . Search for foods that suitable for vegetarian ) . know the hardships while travelling be witness all the beautiful Allah's creation be speechless when see a mesmerizing creation or scenery or view meet new people with new culture make friends

So, my dear ....

Have you ever feel the same like me ? 

If you do, let's share the feelings . What you hate and love while travelling ? =)

I found this one quote in pinterest . And I agree with it. 

If you ever get any chances to travel . Go for it . The journey that you go through is the best memories ever . 

Doesn't matter , you will be facing lot of hardships . But , it will give something good to yourself and You will know yourself better when you traveled . 


You will be sharing the feelings with your love ones and anyone who want to share with you . Be friends . Make friends .


Have a nice day , everyone . 

It's just a small expression of mine . ( ^_^ ) 

Love ,


  1. Agreed....melihat tempat orang hatta kampung sebelah pun merupakan pengalaman...

    1. betul tue, even kita visit mana-mana tempat merupakan pengalaman . Lain tempat lain memories yang kita ada =)

  2. seronok dapat travel ni kan, akak dapat baca sajalah cerita di blog kawan2 hihi

    1. insyaallah . satu hari nanti akak dapat jugak travel . Amin . =)

  3. aida terpaksa setuju.
    gembira jalan2. but balik umah best jugak.
    ada kat umah rasa nak berjalan balik :) ha ha ha...

    1. haaaa~ high 5 sikit sebab kita rasa yang sama ... Tq singgah aida =)


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