Friday, April 1, 2016

Tie The Knot Story : Part 5 - Wedding Dress

After a long journey I've take to update about my wedding , hahaha ...Here comes the last part of Tie The Knot Story : Part 5 - Wedding Dress . This entry will be simple and short I guess =)

If you have read my entry title " Wedding Dress " >>> to read more click here . I do have talk about my wedding designer Fiziwoo . How I know them . How I adore them and etc .

Why I choose Fiziwoo to be my wedding designer because obviously , the main reason is I've already know them . Secondly , easy to deal with them - such as I gave my wedding design dress  that I want. If that design not suitable with me ,they will sincerely and honestly tell me directly . And , they will gave me suggestion of the design that suitable with me . Thirdly , I love their " less is more " tagline . Fourth , I totally love their workmanship .  =)

Do , I look biased ? I guessed I'm not . Hahaha... Actually there are several Malaysian designer that I do adore and I want them to be part of my wedding such as Alia Bastamam ,Nurita Harith , Rizalman  , Mimpi Kita . But , if I choose them it will exceed my wedding budget . =)

When it comes to International Designer . I really love Elie Saab design and workmanship . Their workmanship is to die for . Seriously amazing .

You may watch Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 here . I love it !!!

Because I love Elie Saab workmanship and I can't afford it . So , I requested Fiziwoo to create my wedding dress inspired by Elie Saab . 

I bought my wedding material all the way from Singapore >>> click here ( to know more, which shop I bought my wedding dress material) , just to get the texture material like Elie Saab design . But , of course I can't get the similar material like Elie Saab dress . It is because most of Elie Saab material is custom made and beyond expensive . hihihi....

Below is the design from Elie Saab that I love. The color of my wedding dress also inspired by Elie Saab . =P

*picture sources from Pinterest*

It is really hard to find that color . But , it's ok ... I managed to found not same but quite similar . 

That is for my main reception wedding dress . As for my solemnization and second reception ( bertandang ) dress. I've requested from Fiziwoo to design a simple dress that I can wear it again after my wedding ( if muat lagi la kan ? :p ) . 

And below is the three sketches of my wedding dress :


Main reception - there are slightly changes on my wedding main reception due to my material . =)  So, you will see the sketch and the real dress will be a bit different . 

Main reception

Second reception ( bertandang ) 

Just look at the sketches already make me excited to wear it . 


Here the real dress . The outcome . =) 

For solemnization  

Main Reception 

How this dress weight is 5kg ? hihihi.... This dress material is purely sequin I bought from Singapore. And , FiZiwoo nailed it with the additional hand made beading on it . Superb workmanship !!!

My second reception ( bertandang )

*Picture above - fitting time*

Pictures on my 2nd reception photographed by Pelangi Putih Film

Dance with me hubby <3

Here , my wedding story come to an end . It's happy ending , Insyaallah till Jannah . Amin.

You may click below link to read all the details of my wedding day journey :

Maybe , all of my entry about my wedding day can give you some ideas and information for your big coming day . 

Happy planning and good luck for your wedding preparation dear all bride-to-be. 

Yes , we are married once in a lifetime . We want the best wedding day ever . But, my advise . Please don't exceed your wedding budgeting in any of your planning . Ok? =) 

More you need after your wedding day . Life after you are married is more important . okay dear ?

Senang citer , buat budget elok-elok . Dan majlis kahwin berpada-pada mengikut kemampuan masing-masing . Kehidupan lepas kahwin lagi penting dan banyak nak fikirkan. =)

Thank you for reading , my dearest .

And , whoever is getting married . Congratulation from me in advance. =)

Kahwin best !!!! Hahaha...



Thank you for reading and comments . (^_^) .