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Suddenly, I've got a request email from this one wonderful travel and lifestyle blogger: Cris Puscat from

She requested to be my guest post on my blog. Obviously, I totally accept her request with my open heart because the article that she wrote is so informative especially for those who love Yoga. This article might help you. 

If you are not a fan of Yoga, maybe some of the places in the article can be one of your travel bucket lists too.

So, without further ado, let's read the full article by Cris Puscat.

March is a lovely month to explore the world. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter starts to loosen its grip and the first signs of spring can be visible; while in the Southern Hemisphere, summer is drawing to an end, leaving room for colorful fall.
But regardless of where you plan to go, March is “shoulder season”, that time between the low season and high season when traveling is inexpensive no matter your style (and budget), making it the perfect time to book an affordable yoga retreat.
In this post, I’m talking about five countries to consider visiting in March if you are planning to join a yoga retreat (or not). They have been chosen based on real data: number of people who have already inquired about and booked a yoga retreat in these places.


March is a great time to visit India. Winter is drawing to an end making room for pleasant temperatures during the day. Thanks to how vast the country is, choosing what places to visit can be quite hard. Taj Mahal is the most iconic monument in the country and if you are after a spiritual experience, then Varanasi should be on your list. If you want to do some wildlife sightseeing than head to on one of the national parks, while if you fancy a trip with your loved one, head to Udaipur, the country’s most romantic city.
There are many places to consider visiting in India in March to attend a yoga retreat. Kerala is one of the most visited places in India both for travellers seeking a getaway and for those seeking to improve their yoga practice. Goa is also really popular, whether you want to enjoy the beaches or enrol in yoga classes.
India is a large country but, in general, the dry season lasts between March and June. Around this time, the temperatures start to increase, so don’t forget to pack sunscreen. The mornings are misty and just perfect for a walk. In Udaipur, the average high temperate is 32.6 C with almost no rain, while in Agra the average is 31.9C.

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March is a great time to visit almost every place in Europe and especially the Mediterranean area. The temperatures are starting to go up and you’ll feel spring in the area. Remember that spring in Europe is quite unpredictable so pack a waterproof jacket.
There are a lot of places to consider visiting in Spain in March. Andalusia is the warmest region in the country so if you’d had enough of winter, a yoga retreat in Andalusia is a great choice. Else, consider Valencia and join the Fallas festival (Mar 15-19, each year) if you are into fiestas. Make sure to add Barcelona to your itinerary, too, as it’s Spain’s cultural capital. While the capital of Madrid will entice you with the many museums, Seville, on the other hand, charms you with its romantic allure.
Spain is a large country and the weather depends on the area you are visiting. March means the end of winter and the country is warming up but it’s not hot yet. It’s a great time to mix a yoga retreat with some sightseeing in the major cities. The further south you go in Spain, the hotter it will get. In Malaga, expect an average high temperature of 19.1C, while it is a bit colder in Madrid (15.7C average high) and Barcelona. Valencia’s average is close to the one in Malaga.

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March is not Thailand’s hottest month, but it’s not cool by any means. Tourists are heading to the islands to get a respite from the heat.
Since the north of the country is agricultural and the land is prepared for the next season, you may want to avoid Chiang Mai during this time of the year. Bangkok can be very hot, which may not be to your liking. Instead, head to coastal areas such as Krabi or mountainous areas such as Khao Sok.
Due to its location just north of the equator, Thailand’s climate is tropical, marked by high temperatures year-round. March is blessed with a lot of sun and few spots of rain. The most popular island, Ko Samui, sees average high temperatures of 30.7C. If you are heading to the capital of Bangkok, expect higher temperatures (30.7C average).

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Winter is slowly ending but that doesn’t mean there isn’t rain falling still and the weather is not yet perfect, either. It is, however, the best time to secure some bargains.
If you want to avoid the rain, Lombok and Flores are better bets than Bali. Gili Islands are the most commonly accessed from Lombok and offer things to do for every taste. Sumba is an even better choice for your vacation as a light breeze can cool things down. Sumatra is another good choice as the area starts to move out of rain season. Komodo Island is a unique place where you can see the largest lizard in the world in its natural habitat.
Indonesia’s climate is almost entirely tropical with March being the last month of the monsoon. High temperatures in Bali average 30C but there are 14 days with precipitation.

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Portugal is blessed with mild weather year-round but when March rolls in, you get a chance to experience the country without the crowds and not having to spend much either. Yes, it may rain and it may not be very warm, but it’s the perfect time to go sightseeing.
The Algarve has the warmest and driest weather in March so you may want to consider a yoga retreat in the area. While you cannot swim yet in the ocean, it’s really nice to have the beaches all for yourself. Fancy some wine tasting? Head to Douro Valley, near Porto. Thanks to the shoulder season, it won’t be as crowded as during summer. And why not, mix in some sightseeing in Porto while you are at it. March is also great to explore Lisbon (without the crowds) and the nearby Sintra Castle.
The country is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with a distinct wet season in winter. If you are heading to Lisbon, expect a balmy 18.2C average high temperature. The temperature is the same in Faro and slightly colder further north in Porto (16.8C average high).

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Cris Puscas is a contributing writer at She is a travel and lifestyle blogger, as well as a budget traveler passionate about helping others find and book memorable vacations. 

What do you think about the article? Which places will be on your bucket list?  

As for me, I really wanted to visit India. Hihihi.

To read more other articles by Cris, kindly visit her blog at

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