Friday, March 16, 2018


Assalammualaikum, everyone ~ 

Do you know Aida Azlin? She is a Singaporean who are a writer ( ) , an entrepreneur and a vlogger. If you ever watched her videos on Facebook or Youtube , you must know that her videos really inspiring. Each of her video always give reminders to me. I totally love watching her videos.

Then, today. I just watched her #15 video on Youtube whereby she talks about , " ARE YOU WORRIED ? " .

In my life, I always worried what will be happen in my future? How success I will be ? How I can get promoted ? Should I quit my job to find other job that I love? How can I be rich ?  How to be comfortable if I stay out of my comfort zone? and lots more questions playing around in my head every single day.

Aida's video really wake me up. I should not worried too much about anything that I always think about.

In her video , these are the points that really gives me good reminders :

No matter what difficulty she was facing, Allah always, always , had her back. Allah would send help in the most beautiful and unexpected ways. Allah always give her more than what she was praying for.  

Allah will never leaves us alone to fend ourselves. Allah will test us, and He has already told us this - " That He is gonna test us ". ( 2: 155 ). 

We will never be tested , beyond our capabilities.

There is ease with every difficulty ( 94 : 6 ) . Ease doesn't come after the difficulties. It comes alongside the difficulty. We just have to look for the ease.

Whatever happens to us, it is always for the best ( 2: 216 ) . 

Let's not carry the worries of this life because it is for Allah . Do not also carry the worries of sustenance, because it is from Allah. Do not worry about the future,because it belongs to Allah. 

If we are afraid of the future, if we are worried about finances, or if we are concerned about a particular thing that is bringing us so much uneasiness and anxiety. Stop worrying , and leave it to Allah. Get down to Sujood and pour out everything ( minor, major, silly, nonsense, serious worries, anxiety ) to Him . Hand it over to Allah and as you tell him everything in your Sujood , feel the worry being transferred from your shoulders, over to Him. That worry is now being handed over to the one who is All-Knowing ( AL-ALIM ) , All-Seeing ( AL-BASEER ) , All-Hearing ( AS-SAMI ), The Ever Providing ( AR-RAZZAQ ) , The Utterly Just ( AL-ADL ) , The Wise ( AL-HAKIM ) and The Protecting friend , Allied and Helper ( AL- WALI ) .

It is so silly, how can we think that we can solve it all?? That we can fix everything. We Can't fix everything . But, ALLAH can. 

The reason, that I've publish this post is for my own reminders. Whenever, I read my own blog again, this post really a good reminder for me.

A good things is better if I've shared. So, I am sharing this with all of you too.

If you wish to watch the full video of this topic and others video by Aida Azlin. You can watch her videos on Youtube. And, don't forget to subscribe her Youtube account if you want too.

Thank you for reading. And, thank you to Aida for all the great videos.

Have a pleasant day, everyone.


  1. Hope to see more people like her that can inspiring people. Dah subscribe her You Tube channel <3

    1. Kannn... yeay!!! Awak dah subscribe jugak. Everyday nadia gie kerja mesti dgr Youtube video dia. So that always in a positive vibes . hihihi

  2. also follow her ....aida azlin,always give us motivation in islamic way..Thank you nadia for this video.

    1. Kannn , so inspirational and reminds all of us . <3

  3. Biasa jugak tengok. She's so inspiring. Sangat pandai motivates orang and english dia senang paham. Hihi

    1. kannnn...suka dia punya Vlog. Kadang-kadang tgh down ke tgh pening ke dgr Vlog dia. Rasa mcm reminds kita apa pun terjadi kita kena ingat Allah ada dgn kita. =)

  4. Kannn...apa yang dia sampaikan semua mudah and relate dgn kehidupan kita =)

    Betul, yang terbaik adalah kita berusaha dan tawakal . Allah yang tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita =)

  5. Thanks for sharing this, nadia! And also for taking out important points, making it easier to self-reflect and also as a simple reminder.


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