Monday, February 5, 2018


One of my flat-lay using marble paper from @prettymixscape

I always have this kind of question: Why her/his picture/flat-lays so perfect? Where can I get that background paper? What type of paper was it? 

So, to get the beautiful photo with marble as a background is totally my wishlist. I always read and saw most of the overseas blogger really have the perfect picture with beautiful marble background. 

Even though, my parent's house has the marble floor at the glass house area. I really wanted to have the marble paper because it will make me easy to mobilize anywhere I go and bring along the marble paper. 

I live in Malaysia and I have been searching everywhere for the perfect and beautiful marble paper that I want. But, I totally have no luck to find it. 

I search on Etsy, there are lots of marble paper but it is quite expensive plus shipping fee. Seriously, I don't want to spend lots of money just for a piece of paper. So, I don't buy it from Etsy.

Then, one day I intend to sell my Duckscarves on Carousel. Have you heard about Carousel before? Carousel is the e-commerce platform where you can buy any products that you searching for and you can sell your own products too. Doesn't matter either the products are new or pre-loved products. Click here to know more. 

Okay, let's continue about the marble paper. 

Then, I just try my luck by searching for " marble paper ". And, walla !!! I found this one shop name " @prettymixspace >> click here to view the shop.

Really grateful that I found Ann shop. Her shop sells the variety of marble papers, pattern papers, clothes and makeups. 

So, I just give it a try to buy the marble paper from her shop. I've bought the two different design of Marble Vinyl in Black and white

The other paper is the A3 sticker paper in assorted colour. And, A3 sticker paper in Black and White

Not a flat-lay, just to show one of the designs from A3 sticker paper in assorted colour - I think this one is no 5 design

Not a flat-lay, just to show the design from the A3 sticker paper in black and white

From, my review. I love the sticker paper more than the vinyl one. It is because the A3 sticker paper is much thicker than the vinyl. So, I think it really worth it to buy the marble paper from Ann. 

If you had bought marble paper from Ann before. What is your review? Is it okay? Is it to small the paper? What do you think about the material of the paper?  You can leave your comment below. <3

Hello February <3

For those who  are still searching for marble paper, you can check it out her shop by click on the link >>>

I hope this post will help who those just like me been searching for the marble paper for ages. Hahaha.

Thank you for reading all and have a nice day. <3


  1. Saya suka A3 sticker paper!! YeayyY!! Cuma tue lah, small for my phone square size. Tapi okay je kalau nak guna untuk ambil flatlay barang yang kecil. Cantik semua tau!! Kalau ada yang saiz besar gabak, lagi best <3

  2. geram je tgk flatlay akak ishhh haha

  3. Menarik ni.. Boleh try beli nanti.. XD

  4. All the designs look beautiful. Makin cantiklah flatlays nanti :D

  5. lawa nyaaa. dulu beli dekat mr diy tapi effect dia tak berapa nak cantik sangat

  6. cantiknyaaa marble paper nie. memang sesuai sangat jadi bg flatlay :D
    makin cantik2 la gambar2 lepas nie :)

  7. Wah wah wahhhh. Nanti dia hantar in form of flat piece of paper ataupun bergulung?

  8. I need to get this marble paper! But ada yg out of stock 😔

    ☆ Atheera ☆

  9. Suka tengok flat lay awak dengan Siqah. Cantik cantik semua!!<3


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