Friday, April 4, 2014

First friends aka forever bestfriends

My sister sent us a sweet picture that we agreed on. 

My favourite cousins are iryanie , izzah , adila and my only sister diyanah. We argued , laughed , shared , being crazy ...only us as a family could understand how is our family relationship. No matter what , family will always be a family. Last January , we celebrated izzah and adila belated birthday and thinking to do something different. My idea was a picnic birthday and the venue been chose was Taman Botani, Putrajaya. Even the celebration just a simple one but it was really fun. Enjoy the several pictures of us from a simple celebration.

My ootd for the picnic , I've chose to wear nude dress from kimisonweb. It is such a comfortable and flowy dress. Love it !!!! Let's selfieeeee~ with gopro...hihihi


Photo credit : Us

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