Saturday, June 15, 2019


Nowadays, our daily lives are getting busier . So, we tends to search for a cleaner . But, now,  everyone is searching for a cleaner and to live in a greener way. #savetheearth

Whether it’s by choosing ethically made clothing, recycling where we can or moving to organic and local food produce, we’re all trying to be a little kinder to the earth. 

But, what happens when it comes to cleaning? 

Commercial cleaners have professional equipment and office cleaners need to provide tenders and presentations to prove their sustainability and green credentials, but what about finding a green home cleaner? 

Finding home and strata cleaning can be a grey area as most of these types of businesses are small or self-employed cleaners who have carried out the same cleaning practices with the same cleaning products for years. 


So, what are the five essential questions you can ask when hiring a green cleaner to ensure that you actually get one.

1) What cleaning chemicals do you use?
Now, this can be a tricky question and one that will be answered with what the cleaner thinks you want to hear. They may throw out brand names you have never heard of and pass them off as commercial cleaning products, but ask to see their cleaning tray. Any professional cleaner will have their products and equipment, most likely in the car, so ask to see the cleaning chemicals your cleaner intends to use before you hire them. 

2) How will you dispose of my rubbish?
Ask a few questions and probe your cleaner about waste disposal.  Gauge if they will take the time to put out your recycling and pop food scraps on the compost heap, or will they just dump everything in the garbage bin to save time. Also, ask about the types of bin liners and garbage bags they use. Are they biodegradable, or will they linger forevermore in the landfill?

3) What type of cleaning cloths do they use when dusting and cleaning? 
This is a different question to cleaning chemicals. Do they use throw away disposable wipes which end up clogging rivers and streams? Or do they re-use and re-wash microfibre cloths and cotton rags which work superbly and reduce the amount of waste heading to the landfill. 

4) Do you have certificates?
This may not be a valid question for a self-employed cleaner, but a small to medium cleaning business who claims to be green should have some kind of accreditation . This can come from local government awards, press clippings and endorsement from green chemical companies.

5) Which type of vacuum cleaner do you use?
Ensure your cleaner has a relatively new vacuum cleaner which is likely to be more energy efficient and less power hungry. Also ask if it has a HEPA filter which traps dust and reduces allergies making for a cleaner, greener, more hygienic clean.

There you have it! 5 essential questions to ask when looking for a green cleaner. 

You can visit, to ask more questions to ensure that you get an authentic green cleaner for your premises whether it's for your home or business. 


  1. Very informative thank you nadia darling ^^

  2. wow. i don't think i'll ever come to think this detailed. but living in this semi rural area, im pretty sure this is not applicable. even more so in a hospital setting i guess.


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