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Condolence wreath or funeral flowers are the formal floral arrangements that will directly send to  the funeral home to express your sympathy and it will display at the condolence and graveside services. This is the only way of tribute to the person who has passed. Everyone will get confused when they are choosing a flower for a funeral. 

So, when you are planning to attend funerals then you should aware of funeral flower type.

Normally, funeral flowers are available in different range like small or large range of green plants and combination of flowers. The price ranges are starting from $40 up to $500 and most of the people don't consider the prices. Below we listed some of the important tips for choosing your condolence wreath.


There is some different kind of floral arrangements available for funerals. Let start with funeral sprays, its looking large and flat bouquets of long steam plant material and its specially designed for viewing from one side. Sometimes wires are added to increase the length of the steam plants. Normally sprays come in two designs one is single ended design and another double ended design. Single ended small spray can be placed inside the casket and double side spray can be placed on top of the casket.

The other one is floral arrangements which feature cut flowers tied together in a bouquet and you can change your arrangement in various shapes such as a heart or something better. Another acceptable wreath is live plants. If you want to make symbolic meaning, then this is the perfect floral arrangement for funeral because it will continue to grow and live. If you want to represent eternal life, then garlands are the perfect choice.


There are plenty of funeral flower arrangements are available in online flower delivery shops. But choosing a perfect flower arrangement for a funeral is a tough job since it’s a sad occasion. It's more important to understand the meaning of the flowers you’re giving. Below I have shared you some of the common funeral flowers and the meaning behind them.
  • Lilies – Innocence.
  • Peace Lily – Harmony and rebirth of the soul.
  • Roses – Wide palette of emotions.
  • Orchids – I will always love you.
  • Carnations – Pure love and remembrance.


There are some important key factors to consider when selecting funeral flowers for your recipient. 

You should consider the relation when you are choosing the funeral flowers. Because it will determine what type of funeral flowers, you should get to your recipient. Normally the close family members consider the biggest and most important flowers such as costly casket sprays and heart shaped floral arrangements. Sometime the very close friends also can buy sprays for displays. Then the remaining peoples like casual friends and colleagues can send smaller floral arrangements, like a basket of flowers and small sized live plants.

You should consider the nature and vibe of the funerals. Is it traditional? Yes, sometimes you can represent your sympathy from avoiding the white lilies or red roses in the funeral floral arrangements. 

If someone loved sunflowers and you should consider this flower in your floral arrangements.

If you are looking to make a local purchase then you should contact the local florist to make your funeral flower arrangement better. I hope above valid key factors will help you to find a better flower for funerals. 

Hope this article can help you a little bit on how to choose funeral flowers .

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