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It's been a while right , I'm not updating anything here . I just don't know what happen to me but my daily schedule always full with - work , family , travel , books , events and flat-lays service.

But, I always keep updating on two of my Instagram account ( @nadiaizzaty.nia and @trulybynia ) . #feelbadformyblog #butIstillloveblogging . Therefore, you can easily reach me on my instagram account . =)

Last month , on 20th of April 2019 , I've attended Althea's event for their new product line called A'bloom.

To be honest, Althea's event was the first time event that I ever attended. It is because before this I have to pass all of the other events due to my permanent work. #yesiamafulltimebanker 

The event was awesome !!! I like everyone as they are all so friendly and famous too. But, everyone are so happy and welcoming me. Love ya'll. And, thank you Althea for inviting me. <3

Oh dear , I love the name " A'bloom " because it reminded me of the beautiful scenery during Spring  in Korea, whereby, the cherry blossom are blooming everywhere. Such a beautiful scenery . Okay , now I missed Korea. Hihihi....

Okay back to Althea's new product , Hihihi.

A'bloom collection consists of three products : 
1) 4 types of A'bloom Mask Sheets
2) Giant Meringue Puff
3) Baby Meringue Puff
4) BHA Blackhead Blaster

Let's go in deep about each of these awesome products. 


A'bloom Mask sheet have 4 types.

They are :


Sparkle me bright tagline mask is : Simply the Zest . 

The ingredients that consist in this mask are Lemon extract , Lime extract and Camellia Leaf extract . 

Oh, I love anything that consist of Vit-C as Vit-C really good for skin . As per its name , this mask is to brighten dull skin. And, this one really suitable for all type of skin .


Avo-Cuddle-Me tagline mask is : The Superfood that is Super good .

Oh, I loveeee Avocado . It is because avocado is one of the best diet food ever. Now, it is not only good as a food but it also good for our skin too. Therefore, in this Avo-Cuddle-Me A'bloom mask , avocado been use as one of the ingredient. Another extract been use as one of the ingredient along side with Avocado is the Hibiscus extract . 

Avo-Cuddle-Me is for nourishing , rich of antioxidants and prevent wrinkles. 

This one totally I like it . Seriously , my skin is ageing due to I'm getting older - yes I'm already 33 years old . Huwaaaa ~~. Therefore, there are some part on my skin are starting to wrinkle =( So, I really need this mask always. 

This Avocado-Cuddle-Me suitable for all type of skin but really recommended more for those who have a dry skin.


Ac-Me-Peach tagline mask is : That's Just Peachy

When u saw peach name , can you imagine how soft the peach skin ? hihihi ....

Therefore , this mask is for purifies and soothes the irritated and sensitive skin.

The ingredients that been used in this As-Me-Peach mask are : of course peach extract and tea tree leaf extract.

This one suitable more for all skin too but much more recommended for oily skin.


For the Water-Me-Long  tagline mask is : Keep calm and stay hydrated.

Indeed , it is true  because watermelon totally can make us hydrated all day. Okay now, I really need watermelon as nowadays, Malaysia weather are so hot. #bulanpuasamemangsedapmakanwatermelon 

As mention , this mask obviously to hydrate and moisturise our skin all day long. The ingredients that  use in this mask are the watermelon extract and the lavender extract.

This water-me-long mask totally suitable for all types of skin.


That's the 4 types of A'bloom mask sheet that have been released. I've tried all the mask sheets. But, my most favourite one are the Avo-Cuddle-Me and Water-Me-Long . Hihihi...

I love A'bloom sheet mask because the extract or essence in the mask are so many ( I can't remember the exact figure on how many ... sorry hihi ) . After you put on the mask , you can take the extra extract and put all over your neck as well #janganmembazirtheextract #hihihi .

The scents from each of the mask are so~~~ wangiiii . I love it to the max , okayyyyy .

Another thing that I love about this mask because it is totally cheap !!!

You can get only for MYR 2.00 for each mask sheet . And , if you buy 10 sheets of mask , you can get only for MYR 15.00

See~~~ so cheap righttttt~~~

So , what are you waiting for . Head on Althea website ( www.my.althea.kr )  and buy these awesome mask sheets. Oh, I guess currently there are certain types of mask from the A'bloom collection have sold out . But, fret not. Stay update by follow the Althea Instagram account @altheakorea


Now, let's move on to the next awesome product from A'bloom collection .

Tadaaa~~ the Giant and Baby Meringue Puff. You must be curious right? Meringue?? Is it some kind of food that people use for baking?

I know girls it is fasting month now. But, nope, it is not food . This meringue puff is similar to what we called as beauty blender.  But, this one is much more better for me. I don't know about others but for me I like it . To be honest, I rarely use a beauty blender always but I still use it when I want to. hihi ...


Obviously , of course, the cuteness of both meringue and the colours are so pleasant especially for a people who love pastel and pink like ME !!! hihi <3

Second, you feels want to eat these meringue because the design of these two are similar to chocolate kisses. Hahaha...

Third, the material of the puff so SOFT . Seriously, you have to try it. I'm not lying it is 100% SOFT.

Fourth , the price are so cheap okay~~~ For the Giant Meringue Puff you can get only for 
MYR 8  for one puff. As for the Baby Meringue Puff you can get 3 puffs for only 
MYR 11.00 .

I know what you girls are thinking and curious . " Why all the A'Bloom Collection by Althea are so cheap but extremely good ".  hihi...

I'm not finish yet girls. Here's more . Save the best info for the last. Hahaha...

Both Meringue Puff , can go 2 times bigger than the original size when you put it in to the water.

You can see the pictures below if you are not trust with me. =p

See~~~ awesome isn't it . #ohwaitiguessiusetoomuchawesomewordhere =p

Therefore, go get these two puff now , before it sold out .


Now, comes the last product from the A'bloom collection . The BHA Blackhead Blaster.

What is BHA ? BHA is a natural ingredient from the white willow. This white willow job is to remove the dead skin cells and soothe our skin as well .

Oh, this blaster not only remove the blackhead . But, it also can remove the white head.


To be honest, I rarely use the blackhead or whitehead remover as I don't like the pain. But, with BHA Blackhead Blaster , you will never experienced pain anymore. SAY NO TO THE PAIN. hihi...

Sometimes , there are certain blackhead remover , we will feel the irritation right?

But, this blackhead blaster , you will never feel the irritation. It been approve for the NON-IRRITATION TEST by the KC clinical search centre.

My most favourite part of this Blackhead Blaster is the design that are stick design or similar to lipstick design. Therefore, it is really easy to bring it around any where or every where I go. Especially when I go for travel. Hassle free, girls~

Another special part about this blaster , it is not only can be use to remove the blackhead on the nose part . But, it can exfoliate and wash off the sebum on our skin . It just can be done by apply on your skin that have the excessive sebum , massage your face a little bit and rinse it off. Easy peasy right?

Oh, there's more. This blaster can be a scrub too for our elbow and heels.

Wow~ there's a lot of good things can be done with only one stick. Totally awesome okay!!!

Now, here comes the price. The price is only for MYR 16.00 per stick. With all the good things that this blackhead blaster can do, the price are totally reasonable. So worth it to buy it !!!

Here comes the end of my review about all of the A'bloom collection by Althea.

If you want to know more about the details of A'bloom products.

You can visit Althea's Website >>> my.althea.kr/exclusive-brands/a-bloom . Or to stay update, you can follow Althea Instagram >>> @altheakorea

What do you think about all of these product ? Have you tried any ?


  1. So cute meringue puff tu.. Besar sungguh tu saiznya 😍

    Flatlay tu lawanya..

  2. macam nak try yang blackhead blaster tu!
    sy singgah sini n follow ya!


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