Wednesday, February 6, 2019



With my pack schedule, at last, only this time I can publish this story here on my blog. =)

Yeay!!! I'm really happy that I'm one of the Althea's Angel Beauty. <3

I've dreamed to be one of the Althea's Angel for quite some time. To be honest, since I saw some of my blogger's friends do an unboxing gift or products from Althea I wish I can get one too. hihi.

Then, I take a step by asking one of my blogger friend - Budak vanilla or BV.

Thanks to Budak Vanilla ( BV ) to guiding me how to be one of the Althea's Angel. Without her guide, I think I won't be one of the Althea's Angel now.

Actually, to be one of Althea's angel was not easy. You need to apply from Althea. And, they will make a decision either to approve or reject your application.

I'm so grateful because, after a few months, I've sent my application. At last, Althea's have chosen me to be one of their beauty ambassadors. Yeay!! Thank you so much, Althea.

To be chosen as one of the Althea Angel's was the best. But, another part that makes me totally happy was the welcome gift that I've received.

Oh my, I totally love it. Althea has lots of their exclusive products.

In the welcome box that I've received, there are :
1) The Althea Pouch
2) A Mirror
3) Welcome Note
4) Milk Peel Cream Mask 
5) Petal Velvet Sunaway
) Petal Velvet Powder in #0 code - Translucent
7) Petal Velvet Powder in #23  code - Warm Beige
8) Petal Velvet Powder in Pink Lavendar

I've already started to use all the products that Althea gave me as a welcome gift.

I'll make a review about the products on my next post. Okay?

Again, thank you, Althea, for this opportunity.


  1. congratulations !! looking forward for your reviews !

  2. Congratulations on being selected as one of the Althea's Angels :)

  3. hehe gambar flatlay x penah x lawa hehe..
    suka da jadi geng Althea. hehe..

    1. Awww~ thanks for the support Siti, Hihi such Sgt . Tak sangka rezeki terpilih as one of Althe Angels~ =)

  4. hello another Althea Angel :)

  5. i'd love to join 'em but im afraid that i might not fit to be one. hehe

    1. Hey don't say that dear. You are totally will be fit for Althea too. Try lah apply Ray =)

  6. Hello, can i ask how long it took to get approved being an althea angel

  7. hi info menarik ini :) done follow, follow me back.. thanks


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