Saturday, July 7, 2018


Well hello everyone~

How are you, my dearest? 

It's been a while since the last time I posted something on my blog was in June, I guessed. 

Seriously, since the fasting month and all the Hari Raya season ( still ongoing until 14 July 2018 if I'm not mistaken), I totally having blogging slump. My blog was abandoned. I am not even visiting my own blog. I do not even blog walking until I totally forgot about @happilyfarah giveaway. Seriously, I am so sorry Farah. Feels like I am not a good friend. ='(

All my travel story that I want to share on my blog also got delayed. My plan to share my Korea trip itinerary on my blog also not completed. 

There are some friends / random people who asked me about the itinerary, but I only manage to share the tips by DM-ing me - that is the fastest way I can respond

I also have a reading slump, whereby, not even one book I finish reading it. But, I keep on buying books and downloading e-Books. Usually, my friend, Siqah is my benchmark for me to keep reading. I do love books but I am totally having a reading slump now. ='(

The worst case is, I don't even have time to stop by at the post office to post all the gifts for my giveaway winners that I organized back in May. Totally sorry about that. ='( . I really need to post all the gifts this month. 

My usual daily routine was: going to work from 9am - 8pm. But, my working environment is we are not allowed using handphone at our workstation. So, during work time, I really have limited access to handphone. And, because of that, when I got home I will be attached to my handphone and have the conversation more with my family ( usually Mum and Husband ). Then, I got tired and midnight and it is already sleeping time. So, that is my weekdays routine. 

During the weekend, if I am not travelling somewhere. I will just stay home relaxing, watching Korean drama, do some home cleaning, laundry. I could just choose to relax with my phone/iPad rather than I open my laptop. That is why my blog been abandoned.

But, I am more posted something or update my life on Instagram. Seriously, for me, Instagram is the easiest way to update something. So yeah. I am more active on Instagram. That is why I guess by DM-ing is the easiest way.

Seriously, I just don't know what is happening to myself. Why did my time management be worst? I just wanted to do all things at one time but end up I can't even complete anything.

I guess my problem is I just lack on how to manage my time. 

 Do you ever have the same kind of problem as me? Any tips to overcome this problem? Can anyone help me ?

Thank you. <3


  1. Had the same problem and even now I think we're in the same exact situation. I think it's normal for us to be going through such phase. We just need our own time. there are things which we have let go or just simply put on a hold for a lil while catching up with something else. as for tips im figuring my own for now but slowly trying to get back on my two feet. I hope you'll be able to overcome yours.


    1. awwww~ tq dear Ray for the support. I guess maybe you are right , just need our own time. But, I feel bad to other people yang need me =(

      So, I hope i will be able to overcome my problem later. I hope you will overcome too since we are having the same problem .

      Love you Ray<3

    2. Maybe you can take your first step by settling down things one by one starting with the most important ones. If I were you, I will start with posting all those gifts first. Because one you've done that one, at least you'll feel much better since you've done the things which you promise not only to yourself but to the other people as well. I did the same last time and things get much easier after that. That is from my very point of view and my lil experience in the past. Hoping this would at least give you some idea. ^^ and and I love you more of course. hehe

    3. Dearrrr~ great tips and thank for reminding me . I totallyyyyy need to do that first. Post all the gifts because seriously I totally feel guilty towards them . Sebab they spent their time to joined my GA but I delayed it . Totally feel bad . seems like i did not appreciated all their hardwork Pulak. Sob sob .

      I didn’t mean too. Just , i don’t know what happen to me. So, i seriously need to do that first . Already a month delayed.

      Thanks dear for the tips.

  2. Dalam diam ramai yang merindui your writing hehe. Siapa ek ada tips nak atasi blogging slump yang berkesan sebab ira pun cenggitu πŸ˜₯

    1. Awww~ what a sweet of you. Thanks for rindu my writing yg tak seberapa nie dear.

      Kannn.~ don’t how to avoid the bloggign slump. Sedih dgn diri sendiri kdg2

  3. Same! I have lots of things on my list since May, and writing for blog was not my top priority..
    Doing daily/weekly chores have taken all my time (beside work), sigh..
    My weekend were filled with weddings & open house and by the i reached home, i am already exhausted.
    Let's keep up blogging and push all the energy nadia!

    1. Tue lahhhh.. let’s support each other to push all the energy to blogging . Kesian blog kita 😍

  4. Selalu juga ada penyakit macamtu tapi try juga settlekan sikit-sikit mana mampu. Tak boleh push sangat takut nanti semua tak jadi. Anyway, hope you can get out from this 'misery' ya

    1. yup yup . You are right . Gladly, i’ve done posted all the GA gifts . Hihi .

      Next kena update blog pulak . 😊 . Thank you dear for the support

  5. Working definitely changes my blogging game lol. No more writing blog posts or blogwalking because whenever I get home after work I'm dead tired already.

    1. Hihi . I can feel you. Welcome to working world .

      Mmg penat kan kerja . So, i guess timetable and discipline sgt memainkan peranan jugak kn. i mean kena buat jadual weekend ke kena spend time update blog sebab time kerja dah penat. Hahaha

      Pandai je nadia ckp tapi i myself pun tak ada jadual that is why i having this kind of situation . Hihi


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