Sunday, June 17, 2018


My not so perfect flat lay, due to low nature lighting ='(

Hello, everyone,

If you are the type of person that hasn’t always been keen on exercise or keeping yourself healthy, then trying to get fitter will take a lot of willpower to achieve. For most people, the approach of a holiday, summer or perhaps a wedding are all incentives for losing weight and getting yourself fit. However, it isn’t just about exercise; there are other things you should be doing to achieve better health as well.


There is little point in trying to get fitter if you are still going to be doing things that aren’t good for you. For example, if you are still smoking or drinking alcohol regularly, then this will ruin any achievements you have made to get healthier. Trying to quit smoking isn’t always easy, though there are ways that you can help yourself quit. It might be a good idea to quit first before you start dieting or getting fitter or you might be trying to do too much at once. The same applies to alcohol and fast foods, try to quit or at least cut back on these so you can get healthier.


Part of getting healthier is eating the right foods. Starting a healthier way of life doesn’t mean going on a diet, it means changing your eating habits, so you can learn to stay that way in the future. If you try to restrict your food intake too much, then you will start to crave food which can lead to breaking your diet. There are many healthy eating plans out there that give you a good amount of food that you can eat throughout the day. There are also others that give you a calorie amount that you need to stick to per day. You shouldn’t pick any that have a low-calorie intake per day as that isn’t sustainable. You can also use products like Shakeology Alternative to supplement your diet.


There has been recent research that has shown long workouts are not always any better for you than shorter periods of exercise. That means if you don’t have the time to spend an hour in the gym every week, you can still get fitter by doing a few short exercises. You can try to incorporate them into your day by walking or doing exercises at home. Perhaps you can get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way, or perhaps you can take the stairs instead of taking the lift. You may find that over time, these smaller amounts of exercise aren’t enough, so you can always add other things as you need to.

Adapting to a healthier and fitter way of life takes some dedication and motivation to achieve. However, if you can learn to incorporate these ideas into your life, you will soon realize that it becomes easier. The trick is that when you are fitter and perhaps slimmer, try not to go back to your old ways.

Hope this post will give us the reminder to get a better healthy lifestyle. #ineedtoloseweightandbehealthytoo

Thank you for reading. =)


  1. I was just amazed by the all the efforts u gave to shoot the flatlays. it happens every single time I laid my eyes on your blog.

  2. i want to practice healthy lifestyle of course but am too lazy hoooow ????

  3. I agree, thank you for the reminder nadia! Lets get healthier! Urgh, this raya make me soooo heavy. haha.

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  4. I need to lose weight too. Musim raya ni kemain melantak makanan tsktsk raya ke empat baru nak sedar diri

  5. nak lose weight jugak.......tapi susahnya.
    nasib la time raya kurang selera nak makan sebab sakit tekak,
    my plan sekarang nak kurangkan makan and start exercise walaupun kejap

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