Thursday, November 9, 2017


I miss this scenery - picture from my Paris trip back in 2014
Hello, everyone.

I'm back after a month. Oh, I really miss my blog and all of you. 

For the first post of my comeback, I love to share a guest post by Suzy Walsh from . 

As we know, fall/autumn is the beautiful month after spring. Whoever loves fashion/OOTD, fall/autumn is the best time for you to dress up and take good pictures with the beautiful scenery.

So, let's read what Suzy thought about the iconic trends of fall 2017.
Fall is around the corner, and it’s time rewind and look back at the Fall 2017 collections, which had some amazing ideas. In the last few years, designers have not restrained themselves from trying new ideas for the fall, and quite expectedly, the trends were anything but predictable. In this post, we will talk of the best fall 2017 trends and some of the ideas that you can try this year without a second thought.


Fringe is here to stay:
It has been a fringe overload in the last few seasons and going by the fall collections, the trend is not going anywhere. Fringe-inspired outfits were all over the ramp, and these are designed to entice the onlookers. Some of the best dresses
were spotted at Prabal Gurung, Michael Kors, and Milly. If you are fond of the style, do make sure to tone down the accessories, because this is a trend that looks flattering without a lot of additional elements. Go ahead and rule the party nights! 

Floral is the way: Floral for fall is probably not an innovative idea, but for this season, you will see a lot of dark floral elements. From Prabal Gurung to Erdem and Oscar de la Renta, everyone seemed to be in love with flowers, except that the interpretations were quite different, to say the least. You can create some really fun outfits by turning your solid coloured dresses into a DIY project. Check the leading designers, and you will have enough ideas. If you are choosing one of the ready-to-wear items, go for the darker shades that have a hint of the fall.

Mess it up/Mix and Match
 Mess it up: A mix of colours, often in a random selection, was seen in a number of collections for the fall. This is one of the many ways of saying ‘I don’t care’, and honestly, you don’t even need guidelines with this one. Designers used many contrasting shades, pieces and layering items to create looks that are anything but uniform. Considering that fall has been essentially a dark season in fashion, this is more like a welcome change. Need a few ideas; you should check the collections of Christopher Kane and Monse among others. 

Off shoulder
One shoulder is back: After many seasons of just watching cold shoulders, the one-shoulder trend is back, and it works big time. This is a trend that’s meant for the lady who likes to rule. Trendy, stylish and utterly flattering, you just those toned arms to get the look right. As for ideas, check the collections of Jason Wu, Dion Lee and Zimmermann. 

Hope you liked the post and found this useful. For more on style and fashion, follow this blog, and I shall see the awesome readers soon in another post in the future. Till then, keep it easy and stylish because you are the best you can be! 

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the chief editor for the House Of Elegance Fashion

What do you think about all the trends? For me, since the off shoulder is trending here in Malaysia. I would love to style up the off shoulder dress or tops with any T-shirt underneath or long sleeve inner. Then, as for the outerwear, I definitely will wear the trench coat or long straight coat.

How about you? Which trends you will be choosing from?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


  1. Ahhh, I miss wearing trench coats T__T

    I love floral I think, but not sure if it suits autumn or not haha

    1. me too~ miss to wear trench coat. But, this year tak ada rezeki nadia nak merasa pakai trench coat .

      floral ok je with autumn but usually color autumn selalu mcm gray , black , dark blue kan ? hihihi

    2. Heheh tak sureee. Warna2 camtu mcm banyak jugak masa winter :D

  2. Siqah suka Floral tapi kalau ikut gambar di atas, baju One Shoulder paling cantik :D

    1. kan!!! and sekarang pun trending off shoulder. hihi

  3. i miss trvelling. cant wait for my next trip.

    1. Me too~ love to travel but this year tak ada rezeki nak merasa autumn.

      Waaa~ bestnyaaa travel ke mana ....have a safe flight then. <3

  4. mek suka floral tuuu :) sebab mek suka maxi gituu :)

    1. hihi...dah agak Mek akan pilih floral sebab blog Mek pun berbunga2.


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